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Mocha Diaries: Mocha Tries Exercising

Before my last appointment with the brain doctor I found out that she would be moving on to a new job. Keeping that in mind I decided that I needed to assess my current situation. Where was Mocha? What does Mocha want to do?

With spring on the horizon it was time for Mocha to come out of slumber mode and get out and play. Its not always the most fun thing to do. Especially, when you are a bit roly poly from winter indulgences and are a newbie to the fitness game.  Mocha decided to make her reappearance at the gym. The only thing that will keep a dog happy? Lots of attention and well treats, which will keep her learning new behaviors. 

Thats where our trainer comes in. She keeps Mocha and I accountable two to three times a week. For one hour I cry inwardly, grunt, and make a thousand faces as I make my way through a workout. Only to find out I have thrity more minutes of cardio at the end. I just started week two and I haven’t noticed anything yet, but then again my diet Saturday and Sunday wasn’t stellar.

So here we are again on a Monday. Training is tomorrow. Mocha isn’t quite sure if she will make it through the next three months, but at least she won’t be as winded chasing after birds and running around on the beach. That’s the goal anyways.

Goodbye Brain Doctor. Hello Trainer. Who says taking care of yourself is only about the storm in our heads? Sometimes we just need to reassess what the hell we want in the first place! Want to be healthy? Fit? Might need to light a fire under your ass and its okay if it gets burned in the process.  Because if Mocha can acquire a trainer in a language she isn’t fluent in  and stand out in a new environment. I’m sure we all can take that small first step.



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