The Blooming Mud Flower

Well of Patience

This well of patience

so deep and far it flows

until recently it seemed

this patience was so very deep

Lately though my reaction

to your moods and actions

has caught me off guard

asking myself,

where has my patience run off to?

This well of patience of mine

ran so deep

so slow and smooth

and yet it seems to dry up

when I am with you

This well of patience of mine

has pulled on my heart

and made me teary eyed

oh child of mine

I apologize as I hold you

Momma is so sorry

my patience has run dry with you

Where did it go?

Does it disappear from using it all day at work?

Is it this burnout that is settling in?

Or are these actions and moods of yours

triggering the inner child of mine within?

Perhaps this loss of patience

is what I know

An emotional memory

of a well that ran dry

where patience is fleeting

and apologies never refill it

This well of patience has run dry

but it isn’t going to dry out

We will water it together you and I

and fill it back up

Through each pause in our breath

before I speak

Choosing a hug before

unleashing the tongue

Choosing a softer tone

that resembles water

Slowly this well of patience

will fill to the top

Abundant and filled with

love and patience for you

and all of your moods

This well of patience

will let you know

a dry spell isn’t the end

Mommy can refill it and give it to you

A well of patience

bathed in kisses and cuddles

a soft breeze and murmur of water

my patience is an ocean

I am learning to unearth

Written by Nina Roby, April 7th, 2023

1 thought on “Well of Patience”

  1. Beautiful poem! Completely normal to be overwhelmed and not have patience for your child. Just breathe and start the next day anew.

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