India 2004 Part 11


Today was our last day in Dharamsala. We started the morning by packing up our things, showering and eating breakfast. Then when we were done Tenzin, her uncle, I and Ghayla went to get incense for Tenzin’s mom because she asked that we get it. It took us an hour and a half to find the place then we had to go to the medical institute and get some medicine for Tenzin’s mom. Read More

India 2004 Part 10


Today we went to the bank with Tenzin’s uncle, it took so long to get out of there. It was almost an hour. Then when we were done we went to the doctor’s because I have a cold and her Uncle, Pema Dorjee’s back hurt. When I went into the doctor’s office I sat down on the chair and the old monk he was a little round too, he put three fingers on my wrists, listening to my pulse on each arm while the other man asked what my symptoms were.  I was in and out within three or four minutes. It was actually quite fascinating how he didn’t use any of the medical equipment, doctors in the states use. I went and got my medicine, it cost 65 rupees. (45 rupees equals 1$) So it was probably $1.33 for my medical treatment. I received 4 bags of medicine. I have to take 2 1/2 an hour before breakfast, 2 big and 4 small pills 1/2 hour after lunch, 1 pill at 4 p.m., and then 2 big pills and 4 small pills 1/2 hour after dinner. Although I have to admit I was feeling better after I took some of the medicine. Read More

Hello, Little Stones

The other day I went to the hospital to get checked for a UTI. I described my symptoms with the help of D and off we went to the different areas I needed to go.

The Chinese hospital experience is pretty similar to a Korean one. In China first you need to register at the hospital and pay for a patient ID Card (5 rmb) on the first floor, but we went to the Fourth floor and made one there where we saw the doctor. Read More

Resolution Check In: Weightloss

Recently I’ve realized I’ve put some weight back on. I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but I accepted it. I’ve also come to realize that I need to actually see what I am doing to reverse my success. Last year I lost 40 lbs between (July 2017 – May 2018) But during that timeframe I actually plateaued for several months. Read More

2019 Blog Update

For 2019, I want to set some blogging goals for the year. One of the first tasks is to finish uploading my India entries, which I have been sitting on for almost a year and a half. After that I would also like to focus on my writing. Possibly start trying to write some poems? I used to love writing them, but my creativity has been slacking.

I also think I will do some quarterly resolutions updates to keep myself focused on my goals for the year, as well as the effort I have put forth into it. I plan to continue doing updates about learning Tibetan and hopefully I will start to learn a little Chinese.

As for now those are my small blogging goals. I plan to eventually write about my vacation as well

Blog Question #1

Question 1: How do you feel the expat life affects you as an independent, feminist woman looking for a husband in Confucian cultural settings? Has moving around complicated your search? What relationships worked and why?

I will answer this to the best of my ability. I’ll start with the second question as I believe moving around did complicate my search to meet someone. When you move around a lot it can be harder to meet someone than if you stay in the same spot. However, I don’t think that is impossible. I was single for almost six years, a year and a half in the USA, (8 months and 7 months), 4 years in Korea, and 4 months in China. It went USA, Korea, USA, China.

Read More

India 2004 Part 6


Today was the first day of Losar, I wore a black chuba with a white shirt. Tenzin, her uncle, and I left at 6:40 a.m. to head to the main temple. When we got there Masood Butt showed us upstairs to where all the media people were. When we got up there the monks were doing a prayer. Symbols, drums, little trumpets and these huge horns were being used in the prayer session as well. Read More


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