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37 Aspirations for Myself

  1. Spend quality time with my daughter, Soby
  2. Communicate better with my husband in Tibetan
  3. Study Tibetan seriously so that I can recognize my own improvement
  4. Drink less coffee – perhaps I will sleep better
  5. Eat less crap – but still, enjoy it in celebration
  6. Exercise five times a week
  7. Reach a healthy weight and maintain it
  8. Become stronger mentally and physically
  9. Sit and meditate daily
  10. Try aphantasia imagery exercises
  11. Blog more often
  12. Read more books
  13. Edit my storybooks
  14. Publish a book
  15. Work on my bilingual education ideas
  16. Build a savings or emergency fund
  17. Build a bilingual home library
  18. Organize my phone pictures
  19. Plan a trip
  20. Sew a chuba
  21. Sew a blanket
  22. Make family Christmas stockings
  23. Draw for my own enjoyment
  24. Create an empowering yet relaxing morning routine
  25. Write in Tibetan more
  26. Take a family pilgrimage trip
  27. Call my sisters more
  28. Call my parents more
  29. Check-in on my friends
  30. Run 6 km
  31. Go up a few flights of stairs without being out of breath
  32. Donate unneeded clothing/shoes
  33. Create a recipe book
  34. Study Korean so I don’t forget it
  35. Restudy Japanese to bond with my niece who is interested in the language
  36. Learn a little Mandarin Chinese
  37. Show my daughter the beauty of the world

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