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Writer’s Block

For the past year or two, I have had nothing but writer’s block it feels like. What can I write? Why should I write? Do I even have anything to say? Sometimes I think I don’t have the time for the blog, but that is not true. I do have the time, I do not write. Writing has always been my outlet in life for how I am feeling.

Whenever there was a tough feeling or time I was going through I wrote to get through it. Since I had my daughter, it seems that I have not devoted as much time to writing. It isn’t that I do not write, I write seldomly in my journal, or I have mental dialogues with myself about how I feel or what I want to say they just never make it to paper or text. Is my lack of writing the state of my mind? Or is it just I haven’t found a use for the blog in a while? I am not really sure of the answer.

I love writing. I love expressing myself through it and my ideas, especially when I want to avoid confrontation face to face. Even now, I do not know what to write in this blog post. Perhaps that is the very essence of writer’s block, or perhaps the loss of the writer’s will or light. We all go through ups and downs in life and perhaps a writing block is just a reflection of our mind being unable to reflect what we want to output in another medium, not that we actually lack any thought to be shared.

Tomorrow is another day, and maybe tomorrow will be the day that I finally begin writing more again. Until then I will have to think of my 37 list to post for my 37th birthday. Not sure of what I want to do with my list, but I have time to think.

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  1. I think you are missing S and have just have had a very busy year. Working full time and being a mom takes a lot of time and a lot of energy! Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts. 😘

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