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36 Affirmations

Happy 36th birthday to me and I am back with a list. Because that is the tradition I started at 30 and I will keep it going. This year I chose affirmations for myself to read now and then to give myself a little boost. A few of these affirmations are actually aspirations for me like numbers 8 and 9. A few also tell me that I can be successful at change and that I just need the reminder to believe in myself. So enjoy the 36 affirmations below and let me know what affirmations you use for yourself in the comments.

  1. I am a phenomenal loving mother.
  2. I prioritize self-care.
  3. I am an artist.
  4. I am a photographer.
  5. I am a writer.
  6. I am a good wife.
  7. I am a good friend.
  8. I am an avid reader.
  9. I am a devout Buddhist.
  10. I am a budding polyglot.
  11. I am capable of improving my Tibetan.
  12. I am a fabulous teacher.
  13. I am strong.
  14. I am resilient.
  15. I am free from the chains of social media.
  16. I am a good baker.
  17. I am a cook.
  18. I am a storyteller.
  19. I am determined to achieve my goals.
  20. I am not my bad habits.
  21. I am an exercise enthusiast.
  22. I prioritize my health.
  23. I am a plant that needs daily sunshine.
  24. I am a traveler.
  25. I am a saver.
  26. I am creative.
  27. I deserve to start my morning in tranquility.
  28. I will be financially independent.
  29. I will direct my money to wear it should go.
  30. I am beautiful.
  31. I will be successful raising a bilingual child.
  32. I am a a mindful eater.
  33. I will enjoy the aroma of my coffee.
  34. I will water my mind and body more.
  35. I prioritize time with my daughter and husband.
  36. I am the woman I envision.

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