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2020 Resolutions Update

Resolutions Update: Basically reposting what I put in the private group I am part of. We aim for 70% completion rate, but I normally fall short. Somewhere between 45-52% this year was achieved.

1 loss weight below 65kg 14/20 kg =70%
2 Save 30,000 rmb 20,000 lent out – (mostly what we managed to save) failed but counting the 66% even though I don’t have this money anymore
3 Read 5 books ( i think i actually read 8) 100%
4 Blog 2x a month 9/12 75%
5 Study Tibetan did not track well ~50hrs 14%
6 Budget tracker 3/12 25%
7 Repay parents ($1,800 )cancelled per my mom’s request
8 Study Chinese never started 😅0%
9 Wedding (no money)cancelled
10 Daughter’s savings 4,000rmb or our current savings 100%- I also consider this a fail as we need to have a savings before she does- even though I met this goal
11 write a kid’s story 33%
12 new work contract -everything but a raise, completed 66%
13 create morning routine – never implemented 50%
14 – christmas menu planned a little nothing implemented 25%
15 Read a Tibetan Book (children’s book)100%
16 Read a Korean Book( read part of a book I have been meaning to finish for 4 years 🤦🏻‍♀️ 5%

629/1600=39% 729/1600= 45%
629/1400 =45% 729/1400= 52%

Completion is 39 -45% including everything(depending on my view of 10). Omitting the two cancelled resolutions plus the change mentioned above brings me to 45 ~ 52%. So less than 70% but despite a pandemic, adjusting to motherhood and working, plus financial hardships it is okay.

Resolution 1: Under 65kg, I currently weigh about 71kg. This January I started at 84kg, and it all came off slowly. The baby weight fell off easily, because I never gained much. I did lose more weight in the last two to three months which is mostly due to habit changes.

I have been trying to reduce my consumption of sugar and my binge-eating habit. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I struggle, but I am on the right track. One thing that would have helped my weight-loss is exercise, but I didn’t do anything about that.

Resolution 2: Save 30,000 rmb. This was a savings goal of mine which I had envisioned would have been easier, minus maternity leave, a pandemic, and a little financial hardship that was unexpected. So we saved about 2/3 of this, but I don’t have anything to show for it. The last two months we have tried to stick to a better budget, but a few expenses have decreased it. Birthdays and Christmas were also added to the list.

But all is not lost, as a family we are working on our spending habits to save for the future. I envision 2021 to be a better year financially.

Resolution 3: Read 5 Books. This resolution was not only completed, but surpassed. I think I read 8 books this year. That isn’t a lot for many people, but for me it is a big improvement. 100% completion of this resolution and I am quite happy with that.

Resolution 4: Blog twice a month. This is about 75% completed. I missed 3 months completely which is the first time that has happened in a year or two. This failed, because my WordPress app on my phone was not working for a few months. I prefer posting from my laptop, but I rarely have the time to sit in front of it. I’ve since learned I can just post from my phone to stay on track.

Part of my Tibetan language study tracker I never used this year.

Resolution 5: Study Tibetan. I gave myself a low score as I barely tracked anything. I didn’t sit with my books much this year which is what I intended to do. My vocabulary is lacking which makes me disappointed in myself. I do give myself some slack for being a new mom, but I need to at least learn new words through flashcards on my phone. Better to review flashcards than doom scrolling on social media.

Resolution 6: Budget Tracker, oh boy. We have sort of been on a budget for 3-4 months which is why I gave myself 25%, but not much was written down. Mainly trying to focus on sticking to our food budget of 60 rmb(~$9) a day. It isn’t a lot, but we can go as low as half that. The budget can include snacks and the like, but we lose money for meat or something else. So far this has been a good workable number.

Of course, we have a lot of room for improvement, but not everyone improves overnight. Slow and steady for now. Maybe in the future it will be more radical and time sensitive in nature for short term goals.

Monthly study tracker that was also never used.

Resolution 7: Repay Parents. My parents, bless them and their good hearts paid off my credit card when I was still sending payments back to the USA. That help has been such a lifesaver this year. Originally I planned to pay a third back this year, but I was told, “ don’t worry.” One day I will be able to do something special for the two of you as repayment.

Resolution 8: Study Chinese. 3 years in a row this resolution has gone nowhere. It hasn’t been a top priority. I need to use my phone and Chinese apps to learn instead of social media. This resolution will move on to next year as well.

Resolution 9: Wedding. I really wanted to have a wedding ceremony here, but no money and covid killed that. I’d love to have a ceremony, my husband thinks about forgoing one. So we’ll see what happens with this. This is a moveable resolution based on life circumstances.

Resolution 10: Daughter’s savings account. My goal was to have a certain amount by the end of the year, which I have met. But if I put it all in her account then we have nothing. This is a pass/fail resolution depending on how I view it. Hopefully I can put some aside next year.

Resolution 11: Write a kid’s story. I finished writing the story, but want to translate it and draw the artwork. I didn’t have time to work on this resolution more.

Starting in September I attempted to try tracking mood and habits.

Resolution 12: New work contract. I signed my new work contract and asked for 3 things and got two. I got Christmas day off and a small bonus, but no pay raise. This resolution is completed at 66%.

Resolution 13: Create a morning routine. I created a morning routine for myself, to get those good habits flowing, but… I never implemented it. 50% done, with failure to execute it. Maybe I can rework it into my morning routine for 2021.

Resolution 14: Christmas Menu. This year I wanted to plan a real Christmas dinner, but money and time didn’t work in that favor for me. So instead I wrote a few ideas and really need to define, what do I want to make? What ingredients are easily available? What can we plan for next year?

Morning routine and Christmas dinner ideas.

Resolution 15:Read a Tibetan book. I completed a book, but it wasn’t the book I wanted to say I read. I was trying to challenge myself, but once again no time. However, I did read my daughter’s bilingual book: Dorje the Yak. So I decided to count it for this resolution to be complete.

Resolution 16: Read a Korean book. I have a Korean book I have been meaning to finish, but it never happens. I read a little of it this year so gave myself 5%. This poor book has been sitting on my shelf for almost 4 years at this point.

Writing out aspirations

One thing I did sometime during the autumn was to write out qualities I wanted to have in myself or habits I wish I possessed. I’ve heard and read in numerous places that affirmations can help with goal setting so I wrote some for 2020. I’ve since decided to start my 2021 bullet journal with these affirmations so that I can continue to succeed with my personal goal setting.

And that is all for this year’s resolutions. Keep your eyes open for my post about 2021 resolutions.

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