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34 Things to Accomplish

Every year I make a list for my birthday whether it be a to do list or inspirational list. It is something I started on my 30th birthday and I want to continue it for as long as I can, even if the themes end up being repetitive. So here is my list of 34 things I hope to accomplish this year:

  1. Visit my family and spend quality time with them
  2. Visit a new place in Tibet
  3. Make a beautiful momo and take a photo of it
  4. Take our first family photo together
  5. Take a family photo together (all siblings and kids if possible)
  6. Swim in the ocean
  7. Go for a boat ride
  8. Spend time with my grandparents
  9. Take a family photo – Extended family
  10. Eat good pizza – pepperoni? pineapple and buffalo chicken?
  11. Have cha at Tenzin’s family’s house
  12. Visit Boston to see friends
  13. Visit NYC to see friends
  14. Visit hometown friends
  15. Plan a welcome back/thank you party
  16. Take our first international trip as a family
  17. Plan a wedding in Tibet
  18. Complete 50% of my 2020 Resolutions
  19. Document cultural practices around child rearing
  20. Learn lullabies in English and Tibetan
  21. Payback my parents slowly
  22. Make a Roth IRA & Contribute to it monthly
  23. Build a sizeable savings in China
  24. Create our own holiday traditions for Christmas & Losar
  25. Eat Indian Buffet in Queens
  26. Drink a spiced chai latte at Ashlawn Farm Coffee in OS
  27. Spend quality time with my niece, Gabrielle! Something artsy? crafty? fun? I need an idea!
  28. Have a holiday dinner during summer 2020
  29. Take mom & pops out for a meal
  30. Roast marshmallows & eat s’mores
  31. Learn to ride a horse
  32. Improve my Tibetan – from high -beginner to intermediate
  33. Choose the baby’s citizenship! (Still undecided for now)
  34. Learn more about bilingual parenting

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