Wanderlustlotus is Back!

So, the blog has been MIA for a long ass time. Since the end of April? Anyways what happened was I decided I wasn’t going to renew my service with my old host because the rate had tripled over the last two years and I can’t afford that on my salary going forward. I do the blog for my own enjoyment and to keep friends and family updated on my somewhat off the beaten path (boring) life overseas. What is mundane to me might be exciting to someone else, I suppose.

My super awesome uncle said that he’d be happy to switch my blog over to his hosting so I was really pumped about this move and it proved to be a lot of work in the process. I learned a lot too, like how to go into the panel and upload an sql file, as well as create a new database. I’m tech-savvy to a point, but this was a huge learning curve. It also made me realize while transferring the site where I thought I downloaded all the right files from my old host, but I didn’t actually download a copy of the wordpress site from wordpress before it went offline. (dumbass moment)

So what does that mean? Basically, I have no way to import the files into wordpress itself, because I decided I could save money and do this all on my own I missed a step. I can retrieve the files if I sign back up with my old host, fork out a bunch of cash and only get a small refund in return for said backup of my site. Which might make sense, but it took a long time to switch everything over to the new host and I really don’t feel like fucking with it again.

Which brings me to my second option, my uncle said that I could request a copy of the site through a company that uses the Wayback Machine and it would be much cheaper, however, I would lose about 6 months worth of blog posts as it was last recorded on October 18th on the Wayback Machine. I mulled over this for the last 3 weeks about what to do, I looked at the instructions and realized I have no clue what it is asking for. However, I did learn that in my sql file that I downloaded if I go into the cpanel I can see everything I wrote so far just in text format. So I thought about it and decided you know what the website has been down for almost four months, why drag it on longer not knowing when it will be back to how it was before?

Which is why I came to the decision to just start over from scratch. A new fresh slate, and older more mature me in at a different stage in life. At some point I may repost some of the older posts just without any pictures as all of my old photos are on my external hard drive. I have many new blog post ideas and many new adventures to share that weren’t previously shared here. So here’s to celebrating a new start to the blog after six and a half years of posts! Stay tuned for new posts in the future!

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