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Welcome 2017! I’m not really sure what you will hold for me, but I want to start off well. Actually I could say the year started off shitty as I slept like shit waking up every thirty minutes to an hour. But that is to be expected when you come home late and your mind is still buzzing about. So to be fair I wanted to set the tone of the day to productivity. I didn’t want to lie in all day, although that sounds amazing. I felt for myself I needed to show that I can start off on a good foot.

The first item on the list was to clean the house. Not a deep clean, but I finished as much laundry as I could physically dry at one time. I changed my bedding and did the dishes. I swept the entire house and took a shower. After that I took a nap, because I deserved one. Besides naps are always fantastic.

I woke up and made some fried rice and froze the rest of it for another day when I can’t be bothered to cook. I went food shopping so I can eat some yummy healthy food. Then I moved to my favorite coffee shop, Blankis. Today is their last day of business and I figure it is a good day to indulge one last time while i figure out how I want to go about the year. So although it has been a somewhat normal day for me, I have completed a bunch of tasks so the year didn’t start off with me in ‘bum mode.’

Normally, I don’t care and I laze around. However, this time I really wanted to say to myself, ‘Let’s make a small effort, so day 2 is more convenient.’ I haven’t made a motto for 2017 yet, but the last few years my motto has been, ‘It is what it is.’ Looking forward to a new year with an unknown trajectory, I think it is time for a new motto. “Be open to the unknown.” “Say yes more.” “Start the day with a positive thought.” I’m not really sure which one it will be, or if it will be a combination of all three. What motto’s have served you well in 2016? Do you have a new motto for 2017?

I may try and be like my cat,Byuli, who conquered her fear and balanced herself on my upper arm alone. Live with a little curiousity and know that as shakey as it may be, it might be possible if you can find balance.

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  1. Happy New Year! 🍾🐲 Yes, you’re headed in the right direction…All 3 of your mottos sound as though you have your feet planted in the right position..Go for it…and Byuli is even cautious with the unknown, know isn’t he? He even has to have his feet firmly grounded before he can balance..DAH!! ( he is a cutie)
    Naps are good.😉 I too take one everyday..they say it keeps your mind alert and one stays young,,oh, hell, I better take a few a day if that’s true..Celebrated with about 16 of my friends, but it was a short evening as everyone of us has dogs..we don’t leave them for too many hours..had wonderful food, enjoyed , as usual , my friends and we even played “bingo”. When I came home, watch ” Kreisley” knows best until my eye balls were closing..😑never did make watching the ball come down..🎉
    Anyway, saying so long for now, and as akwYs I send love and hugs from my side of the world to you on your side..stay well, and stay safe..
    Love, Aunt Millie

    1. I’m glad you had a nice New Year’s Eve~ And yes i think the mottos are definitely planted in the right direction so hopefully this year goes swimmingly~! Sending love and hugs to you as well. Xoxo

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