Mocha Diaries : Put Your Best Foot Forward

Welcome 2017! I’m not really sure what you will hold for me, but I want to start off well. Actually I could say the year started off shitty as I slept like shit waking up every thirty minutes to an hour. But that is to be expected when you come home late and your mind is still buzzing about. So to be fair I wanted to set the tone of the day to productivity. I didn’t want to lie in all day, although that sounds amazing. I felt for myself I needed to show that I can start off on a good foot. Read More

A year of reflection, A new year of change

Goodbye 2013~ Hello 2014!

I make new years resolutions every year. I never follow through with most of it. Then again, I think that stems from a place of motivation and a good mental state. 2013 was a year of change and time for reflection as well. I did a lot of stuff, even though it doesn’t seem like much now. Read More


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