Mocha Diaries: Tales of a Coffee Addict

A fancy cup of hand-dripped coffee.

When I lived in the states my favorite way to drink my coffee was with half& half and sugar. What a lovely fattening way to enjoy a cup of joe. Since moving to Korea, I’ve given up the sugar and half &half(I’ve never seen it here) and now just enjoy a cup of black coffee.

My coffee pot and I are a pair that faces the trials and tribulations of the week together. I fill her up first thing in the morning and she has a nice hot pot of coffee waiting for me all day or however as fast as I’d like to drink her. I normally make 6-8 cups of coffee for just me. Horrible idea, I know.  I feel like coffee helps me power through the day and it also makes me nice and warm while it is cold outside.

My beloved coffee pot.

Recently, I’ve just started to admit to myself, that maybe it is time to cut back on the coffee. I probably should at least finish drinking coffee by lunchtime. I could easily switch to tea or hot water, but I’m lazy and my coffee pot is always ready waiting for me. I’m sure all of this coffee has something to do with my mind whizzing about late at night and why I am super restless. Gee, no shit Sherlock.

I also think that maybe it contributes to bloating and some digestion issues I sometimes I have, maybe if I didn’t have so much coffee, I would drink more water and then perhaps sleep better. What a nice side effect! The funny thing is I went two weeks without coffee this summer and I struggled the first 2-4 days from withdrawal and after that I was fine.

My coffee mug that accompanies me through the day.

So as a coffee addict, I’m confessing I need an intervention and I need to start making less coffee!!!! Coffee why do you have to be so delicious? Does anyone else struggle with coffee addiction? Or has successfully decreased how much they drink?

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  1. I have never struggled with coffee addiction. I drink the same amount before 9am and feel great! Stop drinking after noon to sleep better. Eat raisins for bloating and all is good with the world😘 But never ever stop drinking coffee… you may die! 😙

  2. Oh! Nina…
    What would this world be like without coffee?..hell, never mind the world, how the hell would I be without my “Java? I myself consume a bit of coffee each day..Starting when I awake between 6:30 and 7am.I continue on for a few hours, after in which I have Arnold Palmers half and half.(half tea and half lemonade)..maybe I’ll have a few bottles of water throughout the afternoon as well, but I do have a 3 o’clock cup of coffee, oh! then my last cup of coffee is about 7pm..I have no problem sleeping, as I believe it is all in ones mind,!!! I remember once while entertaining some friends, and believe you me, Nina they were real sticklers as to what was and what wasn’t good for them(fanatics, as we refereed to them !)..anyway they NEVER drank anything but decafe’..well, low and behold I forgot to buy that ( as I do not have poison in my house)and I did not mention it to them at all..the next day they called to thank us for a wonderful evening, and I asked were they tired when they got home?, Yes! she said, we slept like babies…!!! case closed!@#$%^&* ..I do not use any artificial anything,,sugar, coffee, tea etc..They decafinize coffee with arsenic and soap..Yes! it’s true, we saw the documentary on 20-20 a few years ago, and saw how they did this..Oh! fuck,,there is no way in hell I will ever drink poison, and if people want decafe, they best bring it themselves as I am not gonna poison my friends, and you are not finding it in my house…..the end .AMEN!!!.
    So, Nina, depending on you, how you feel and what you like is all that matters..I say that with confliction..If you have survived for nearly 31 years, and coffee has been a close friend of yours ( and the bloating my be some air or gas pockets in your belly…take a gas x)..then hells bells, I wouldn’t kick her to the curb, I’d continue our friendship, as it’s been a real eye opener for me so far. !!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, You sound great, and as always right on the money with your thoughts and writing’s..You are indeed, as I’ve said many times , a inspiration to many, and a phenomenal writer..You are blessed in so many ways..
    Well, I gotta fly for now, got a few things to get done before I take Roxie to get her nails clipped, ears cleaned and body washed..She is such a sweetheart, and a happy dog..I am lucky to have gotten her ( rescued her)..So, for now, I’ll say so long take care of yourself and I send love and hugs to you on your side of the world from me on my side.. catch ya later and go have a cup of coffee..(hazelnut is awesome !!)
    Love & hugs,
    Aunt Millie

  3. Looks like I will need to continue that friendship then!! Coffee is fantastic haha. I still don’t know how people drink decaf and I find it even funnier that your friends couldn’t even tell the difference when they were having some at yours! I hope Roxie had a fun time getting pampered and is now a squeaky clean dog 🙂
    Love & Hugs

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