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Mocha Diaries: Tales of a Coffee Addict

A fancy cup of hand-dripped coffee.

When I lived in the states my favorite way to drink my coffee was with half& half and sugar. What a lovely fattening way to enjoy a cup of joe. Since moving to Korea, I’ve given up the sugar and half &half(I’ve never seen it here) and now just enjoy a cup of black coffee.

My coffee pot and I are a pair that faces the trials and tribulations of the week together. I fill her up first thing in the morning and she has a nice hot pot of coffee waiting for me all day or however as fast as I’d like to drink her. I normally make 6-8 cups of coffee for just me. Horrible idea, I know.  I feel like coffee helps me power through the day and it also makes me nice and warm while it is cold outside.

My beloved coffee pot.

Recently, I’ve just started to admit to myself, that maybe it is time to cut back on the coffee. I probably should at least finish drinking coffee by lunchtime. I could easily switch to tea or hot water, but I’m lazy and my coffee pot is always ready waiting for me. I’m sure all of this coffee has something to do with my mind whizzing about late at night and why I am super restless. Gee, no shit Sherlock.

I also think that maybe it contributes to bloating and some digestion issues I sometimes I have, maybe if I didn’t have so much coffee, I would drink more water and then perhaps sleep better. What a nice side effect! The funny thing is I went two weeks without coffee this summer and I struggled the first 2-4 days from withdrawal and after that I was fine.

My coffee mug that accompanies me through the day.

So as a coffee addict, I’m confessing I need an intervention and I need to start making less coffee!!!! Coffee why do you have to be so delicious? Does anyone else struggle with coffee addiction? Or has successfully decreased how much they drink?

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