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30 Facts About Me

With my 31st birthday fast approaching  I thought I’d give myself a little list of 30 facts about me. I’m sure I could write a bunch of other things, but I figure this is good enough. And most of all some are good for a laugh.

  1. I’m from Connecticut.
  2. I have 3 fathers. ( I only consider my most recent one ‘Dad’.)
  3. I’m the oldest child.
  4. A bird flew into my face when turning the corner once while living in Amherst, MA.
  5. I’ve been to England.
  6. I’ve been to India.
  7. I’ve been to Japan.
  8. I’ve been to Thailand.
  9. I’ve been to Tibet and will travel there again.
  10. I’ve jumped off of the Saybrook causeway after my phone, because it fell in the water. (Hello, dumbass!)
  11. I’ve lived in South Korea for almost 4 years.
  12. I’ve slipped on the ice because I stepped on and squished a banana outside my college cafeteria.
  13. I’ve backed into a light post by accident driving. (No damage to my car.)
  14. My first speeding ticket turned warning was because I was driving too fast while crying.
  15. I’ve never been skiing.
  16. I barely ate vegetables until I was 18.
  17. My biggest fear is of the unknown.
  18. I’ve volunteered teaching English to North Korean Refugees.
  19. I’ve studied 3 languages and can’t remember two of them (Hello Spanish and Japanese!)
  20. I’m a terrible liar. (Ask me twice and I’ll confess.)
  21. I swear too much. Fuck is my favorite word.
  22. I’ve been single by choice for 4 years.
  23.  I’m a super emotional squish bug.
  24. I adopted 2 cats, Byuli and Dali.
  25. I’ve heard the Dalai Lama speak 3 times, twice in English, once in Tibetan.
  26. I’m accident prone, but don’t break bones easily.
  27. I went to buy chocolate, got bit by something (most likely a snake), and ended up in the hospital for a week.
  28. I have 15 piercings and I’d like to get one more.
  29. I have one tattoo.
  30. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression and have come out on the other side. (We all have slip-ups though.)

And since the end of my 30th year is fast approaching, here is 31.

I have a tendency to choose to like people who are inconvenient due to timing, feelings, or location. Go fucking figure an epiphany like that would happen right before I turn 31!

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