When You Are Sick Have 미역국 (Seaweed Soup)

One item I have been requested to do before I leave is to eat all of the food that is mine. There are odds and ends in all of the cupboards for various types of cooking, but my mom wants her space back after I leave. So my job has been to create meals with the remaining ingredients. At times I am lazy that I do not want to cook anything or look for the missing ingredients I need. I used to cook a lot of Korean food, however, as it is just me I am cooking for with maybe the exception of my mom, I do not cook much. I like leftovers occasionally, however, I dislike eating the same thing for five days.  With that being said one of the items sitting in my cabinet for a while has been미역( Miyeok / Seaweed). The only thing I know how to make is 미역국 (Miyeok gook/seaweed soup). But I have been  unenthusiastic about going out to buy a missing ingredient.   So tonight as I was feeling rather sick and did not feel satisfied after eating a can of nasty Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, I ventured out to the store to buy the remaining ingredients.

I finished the soup in about 45 mins and luckily I was able to use up some of the dry shiitake mushrooms I have though I don’t think they are normally put in the soup. I bought some beef and sliced it up though next time I think I will spend the money and get a nicer cut of beef, so it isn’t as tough.  All in all the soup came out well this time and I can feel it clearing out my sinuses. Lucky for me, I will be enjoying this soup for the next 3 or 4 days.  I feel I have prepped myself a little more and it is just a little reminder that hey I can cook with Korean groceries so  I do not need to spend a fortune when I am in Korea.

Without further ado here is my soup:


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