Taking a Piece of Home With Me

One thing that has bothered me most about leaving is packing. I have no idea what to pack. Not only do I not know what I truly need to pack, but rather what am I required to bring. So I decided to make two packing lists. After talking to many people and reading various blogs about living abroad; most suggest to bring a piece from home or something to make your new place homey. With that in mind I have come up with 5 items that no matter what are coming with me.

1. My Rilakkuma teddy bear:

When I was visiting my friend in Japan in 2005 her boyfriend at the time won me the bear from the machine. He has been a constant companion ever since. Always around when I sleep and always there if I need someone to hug. That might seem childish but when you are miles away a companion that always accompanies you is nice to have.


2. Blanket made by mom

My mother makes blankets by hand and most of the time they are gifts for other people, especially those close to us who are pregnant and expecting. She has churned out quite a few baby blankets this year. Originally I was going to take a small throw blanket that she had made recently but then she started a new design of a bigger blanket. So I asked if I could have it since I liked the colors. She has since finished this blanket and it is perfect to take with me since it is light and made of cotton.


3. Rangzen mug

So anyone who knows me knows I am an avid  supporter of SFT (Students for  a Free Tibet) and I try to buy their merchandise which is either made in the U.S.A., Nepal or India.  Having been abroad I know that a standard size American coffee mug is hard to find. So here it is a nice big mug for coffee or tea emblazoned with the Tibetan word rangzen (independence) on the front. It’s a nice piece of home and my favorite mug.


4.  My earring tree

Yes, an earring tree. I’m sure most people are not bringing earring trees with them. Mine is an actual tree made of recycled metal. I begged for two years to receive it as a christmas gift and finally did. It holds a great deal of earrings and can hold bracelets and watches at the bottom. I love its design and the fact it can organize my jewelry so nicely. I wish I had an organizer for necklaces but I don’t have one yet. I have a lot of big, fun jewelry that may or may not be appropriate for teaching we shall see.

Earring tree

5.  Condiment Set

This is a piece I saw at a fair trade store and I thought was really pretty. I have always wanted to use it in my first place and I think bringing it to Korea will be a start. I’m thinking it will be used for tea so most likely cardamom and sugar will be on one side or the other.


There is one last item I am bringing, however, it needs to be cleaned. I am planning to bring my wax warmer along with some wax  so that I don’t need to spend a fortune on getting it done over there and the service might be hard to find anyways. So what are you bringing with you? Is there anything from home that you must have with you?

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