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T. Lhamo Fashion Show

On October 20th, D and I decided to attend the T. Lhamo fashion show in Chengdu as one of our friends would be modeling in it. T. Lhamo is a Tibetan fashion designer who is originally from Khyungchu (Hongyuan) County. I actually forgot that I follow the brand on instagram, because I think helping Tibetan brands get more followers and exposure is important. So when I realized I already knew the brand I was excited to actually attend the fashion show in person.

Anyways we met up with my friend, Veronika, and went to the show together. They had refreshments setup as you entered and we paid the entrance fee of 30 rmb a piece (~roughly $4.30) . I was excited by the chura (dried yak (dri) cheese) being offered as we went in to find seats. I forgot to take a picture of it, but that’s what happens when you like food it is inhaled before it is documented at times.

At first, we sat to the left of the stage, and then I got a text from another friend saying, “I see you.” I laughed, and we decided to move over the the right of the stage to sit with other friends we knew from Himalaya Toastmaster. Once we sat down, I realized we knew more than one person participating as a model for T. Lhamo. We actually knew 3 of them very well and a fourth I had met the other day at Himalaya Toastmaster. Sometimes it is amazing how small a circle of friends can be and how they can appear in front of you when you least expect it.

Dondrup with two of our friends that participated as models in the show.

The fashion show showcased modern designs inspired by Tibetan traditional clothes. The first part featured outerwear and contemporary wear that is more suitable for the consumer. However, after intermission where a Tibetan singer came out and sang a song the show continued showing off couture designs. Couture makes me think of fancy people with lots of money, but it isn’t something I understand the purpose of to be honest.

One of T.Lhamo’s couture designs.
The Tibetan boxer in the middle whose name I don’t know, oops.

Afterwards there was a meet and greet near the refreshments. We were able to talk to our friends and take a few photos together. D was able to take a picture with a Tibetan boxer, whose name I can’t recall, so sorry. He was pretty excited about that too. Then we were asked to take a photo together with T. Lhamo and a bunch of the models from the fashion show. It was a fun night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and seeing my friends. The refreshments were delicious too!

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