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Goodbye Wangsan Middle School

Bittersweet goodbyes.


Wangsan Middle School is my smallest school with 20 students. I only go to the school once a week to teach classes and I don’t always see my students every week. There was a two month hiatus after my coteacher was in an accident and a substitute teacher took his place.  I had learned to recognize most of my students names but unfortunately with the absence of not going I forgot almost all of them. Though if I have a list of names I am more likely to pinpoint the right name to the right student.


This school was an interesting challenge because the classes are so small. I went through lessons much quicker but was able to give the students more free reign with conversation practice. We could also talk a little bit longer about plans and what we had been doing. The students in this school are very sweet. They have taken up a special place in my heart as well. One of the things I enjoyed about teaching here was that they were good team players. The stronger students were always helping the struggling students. That made me so happy to see as a teacher.


The ride to Wangsan every monday is quite long. It takes 30 minutes from Okgye to Gangneung by bus, and then my coteacher picks me up and we drove for another 20 minutes to Wangsan Middle School. I really enjoy the view though. It is such a beautiful ride to work and I get to see the changing scenery as I go.


One of my students approached me today and asked if I knew their name and I didn’t off of the top of my head. It hurt me and I’m sure it disappointed my student. I don’t teach a lot of students but I don’t have a list of names either. So though I recognize names on a list I can’ t utter it easily if asked. This was a bad teacher moment for me and a reflective moment. There has to be  a better way to learn names though that will be a different post for another day.He was a third grade student of mine.


A second grade student of mine also asked the same question.


I’m going to miss this small school of mine. I wish I had been able to spend more time with the students and  get to know them better.


I really wish that I could have attended the graduation ceremony as well. Kids I love you!!! Wish you the best of luck in everything and keep in touch! ( They might not read my blog but you never know.

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