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A Museum About Coffee?!


During the month of May, all of the teachers at my middle school went on a field trip to an arboretum and a coffee museum in Gangneung.


The arboretum was pretty but it was still early so there were no flowers. Except for some daffodils.


However, I realized that this park is about trees and not flowers so that made sense. It also had a great view of my city, Gangneung.


Later we went to the other side of Gangneung near Wangsan where my third school is to the coffee museum. I see the sign that says 5 km to the coffee museum every Monday, and I always wondered about it. Luckily, I  was able to visit. As soon as you pull into the drive way and get out of the car it smells like coffee.


Roasted coffee been spell permeates the air. I think my mother would be in heaven.

There are three buildings that are part of the museum the first part is where they have all the old antique coffee sets, tea sets, coffee roasting tools and machines, hand drips and espresso machines. One of the old coffee machines was made in Meriden, CT. That gave me a good chuckle to see CT represented in a  tiny museum on the other side of the world.


After we made our way through the first building we then moved into the second one which, during certain times you can sign up and roast your own coffee beans. I think that is pretty cool and they had different types of roasters visible.


Finally we walked into the last building where the coffee trees are. Yes, there were coffee trees in a green house growing little red fruits ready to be roasted and turned into coffee later.


At the end of the tour we sat down and had some coffee at the museum.


It was a good experience, though the coffee was a little expensive. I did find out that Gangneung is known for coffee, it even has a street full of coffee shops. When I say a street full, there is nothing else but coffee shops on this street. I have only been once and it was at night so I don’t remember how to get there. But, I assume if I ask for the coffee shop street I will get there in a taxi, no problem.


There is even a little video of my school that I found on youtube. Of course there is an unflattering photo of me but that is normal  haha. So if you feel like watching click here.

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