Life in China 中国

Navigating Pregnancy Abroad

{Note: this was written while I was still pregnant and never had a chance to post it.}

When I found out I was pregnant, I decided that I would give birth here in China for different reasons even though I knew that friends and family back home would want me to comeback and give birth there. They don’t trust the system, even if I had no money I could give birth for free at home.

Part of the lobvy of Sichuan Provincial hospital
Part of the lobby of Sichuan Provincial Hospital

A lot went into my decision, as I want to be self-sufficient and have a savings built before my child is born, which means I needed to work for as long as possible. Realistically, I could return home, but I would most likely lose my job and have to renavigate the job process to comeback to China, or I would have to work my ass off, save money and find a way to bring my husband to the USA. Both of which did not seem enjoyable to me at the ripe age of 33 . I’m an adult, I can provide for myself.

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