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Goodbye Okgye Elementary Grade 6-2


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from students when I decide to leave. I received two lovely posters from my Grade 4 class.  ( I will upload photos of it later once I remember where I tucked it away.) But nothing left an impression on me thus far like the letters  I received from my Grade 6 Class 2 students. They all wrote me letters, most of them in Korean. I am so thankful that I can read them and enjoy their compliments. I’m even more surprised to know they enjoyed my class and had fun. As a first year teacher with no experience and no help it is such a high praise. I received 14 letters from my class and I plan to translate all of them so I can share with family and friends.  For now though I will just share the ones that have some English in them to share with those who follow my blog.


I wasn’t able to open these letters until before I had to attend a meeting for teachers in Gangneung so I actually cried a little while reading them before the presentation. This is why  you can see the oranges, they were given as a snack, straightening out the letters. My name was spelled wrong but it’s not the end of the world and it even happens among my family members who have known me for years.These kids now have my old co-teacher as their homeroom teacher in middle school. They are a great group of kids and I hope they continue to succeed.


They left tears in my eyes, I think i will laminate them and keep them forever.

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