Winter Garden BBQ Party!


My school wanted to have a garden bbq party.  My principal bought wine for the occasion and we were going to grill fish and eat cows hearts (쇠염통).


At first, I thought I had heard this wrong as it was in Korean. The more I thought about it the more I realized we were indeed going to be grilling cows hearts. So on Tuesday, we had our small garden bbq party behind the school and it was a lot of fun but I didn’t get to eat much. I have eaten both types of the fish that were served before but they had been grilled a lot more. I like the crunchy skin and cooked meat. 

The texture of the long thin fish 양미리 (Lance fish) was a bit mushy inside this time and I didn’t really like the taste of it not cooked all the way. imageimage

The big fish 도루묵  (Sandfish)I didn’t really get to eat. I don’t eat the eggs though. Everyone else can eat the eggs.


I did try the cow’s heart. It is chewy. very very chewy. And I’m not too sure that I am a fan of it. Though I did eat it. My principal was telling me that cow’s heart is extremely expensive. Not sure why that is but it certainly isn’t a delicacy I enjoy.image

The wine was made locally and we had 복분자 (raspberry wine) which was delicious. One of my favorite moments was the gym teacher saying Franzia was from France. I told my co-teacher it’s from America. It says right on the box, ‘California Red.’ I got a good laugh.image




The sweet potatoes we tossed in the fire and were absolutely delicious!


I stealthily took photos with my silent camera app. I like things more candid when documenting an event. Although I didn’t eat much at the party, I had my fair share of wine!

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