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It’s that time of the year– to resign or not


( We all hope our recommendation letters make us out to be fabulous.)

As most people teaching with EPIK know there are two main intakes one in February and one in August.  As I am part of the February intake, my school should approach me soon to ask me if I am staying and resigning with them or not. About three weeks ago I asked my main co-teacher for a letter of recommendation as I have decided not to remain with my current school. I’m sure she has conveyed this on to the vice  principal and principal, but who knows.

My co-teacher actually asked me back in May if I would stay for another year as she really likes working with me and it would be nice to work together for two years. My school actually can only contract me for two years and then I would have to go to a different one. At the time I told her I was unsure but I would think about it. One of the elementary school teachers asked if I would stay next year as well and I said no to them, that I wanted to move to a different place.

Most of the teachers actually understand when I say I want to move to somewhere else. I live in a small town and I am the only foreigner. I can get to the city above and below me but the last bus is at 8 or 9 p.m. which doesn’t leave much room for staying out unless you are close with someone.

To be honest, I love my schools. I think all three of my schools are fabulous. My students are chaotic at times but all of them are loveable, and enjoyable to teach. My co-teachers at the two middle schools are very good. My main co-teacher has been wonderful with helping me with my needs, eating together, working on lesson plans together and just being a friendly person. The other teachers, vice principal’s and principal’s at all three of my schools are very good people. Everyone is friendly and nice to work with. To have my first environment be really diverse and friendly has been a great experience and I am really happy that I started at a rural school.

One of the main reasons to change schools is that it is hard to get out easily and that I am a bit lonely. However, one of the great things about the EPIK orientation is that you meet many great people some of whom are not part of your class in orientation, but are part of the incoming group. I have met quite a few close friends this way and it is one of the reasons I want to move to a bigger city.

Epik only lets you have one choice, so I am picking the Incheon MOE. However, I am also filling out the Seoul supplement form. Many people may say don’t bother with that as you aren’t applying for Seoul. Yes, you are correct, however, I want to be in that direction, so the more I can show I would like to go that way the better it will be. I remember my EPIK interview last October and the person asking me why I chose Gangwon-do. I told them because I thought it would be pretty and I have never seen the countryside of Korea before. They asked about where I lived and what I liked and I told them I grew up in a small town next to the water. I told them I liked the ocean. Well, wouldn’t you know that I am in a small village next to the water.

They try their best to match you and the earlier that you put your request in the better. I figure as long as my interview is before the first week of November is over, I have a good chance of getting what I want or at least close to what I want.  I’m a flexible individual and I can live alone well, but when it comes to interviewing about the place you want to be, you need to know how to say why you should be there. Why it is best for you or what you like. So, hopefully tomorrow I will have two more recommendation letters in hand and I can finally send off this application to get the ball rolling.


This is how I feel about most required writing.

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