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Visiting the OBGYN

As we ladies know, we should be visiting this lovely doctor once a year. With my work schedule and where I live, I figured it would be hard to make an appointment with an English speaking doctor. However, I saw a blog post here , and I decided to go to Mediflower myself.  I had a whole week off on vacation so I figured fitting that type of appointment in was a good idea.


I wasn’t able to book over the phone as no one answered, so I decided to email them instead. I was replied to rather quickly and an appointment was scheduled and I could choose if I wanted a male doctor or female doctor. I opted for the female as I feel more comfortable with that.

There is an English speaking helper behind the desk who helps with paper work and asking questions, she also said she would go into the room with each of us, however, two of us were called in at the same time and my appointment was quicker than the other woman’s.


I had Dr. Kang , who was friendly and sweet and spoke pretty good English. She went over why I came and they gave me a skirt to change into that had slits on the side. I like this much better than the itty bitty towel or paper sheet they give you back home. The doctor is always a bit uncomfortable to go to, it is not an appointment anyone particularly enjoys. This was different as they do an ultrasound , first time I have seen that, and knowing I’m healthy I was good to go. I was in and out quicker than any appointment back home.

I would recommend Mediflower to anyone else who would like to go. It is really easy to get to them and the staff and doctor’s were friendly and helpful. They can also email your test results to you if you don’t want them to call. Which I thought was awesome.

You can access their website via this link.

Mediflower is located at 교대 on the orange line exit 13. Go straight down the road and it is on your left,  Mediflower is located on the second floor.

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(This is really easy to get to if you come out of  exit 12 and go straight it is on your left. It is located on the second floor of the building.)

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