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I Have a New Cell Phone

Having been without a completely working cell phone for about two months was an interesting experience. Although I used data only on my phone overseas I rarely used it because I was afraid of going over the limited amount. Which brought me to the realization almost anyone who owns a smartphone has a slight addiction to it. And when we are without it for a while we feel disconnected from the world.

I finally got a new cell phone about two weeks ago and it is the best thing ever. Having a new phone has been great! I can keep in touch with people back home and here in Korea via Kakaotalk. (An awesome app which is free texting/phone calls over wifi, or minimal data when on a data network.) I can call my friends here, meet up with them and not have to wait around for others because we have no way to communicate. Looking up the bus schedule on my phone has been rewarding as well.

As  most of you back home know, I loved the giant screen on my old phone. Some people thought it was too big. Anyways, I wanted a Galaxy Note but I decided not to get it because of the price and got another giant screen phone instead: LG Optimus. In a few words: I love it.

The best part about buying a phone in Korea especially an android based one is that he phone comes with a second battery and battery charger so there is no extra expense. Two,  you get a free case and screen protector as a service and you can come in anytime to the store and they will put a new screen protector on for you. That is what I call service. My phone plan is roughly 78,000 won ( ~$70) a month for a 30 month contract.  This includes 5 gb of data, the cost of the phone, and low calling minutes and messages. Almost everything is sent via a kakaotalk app so my data is what is really used.

So without further ado, here is my new phone :


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