Life in Korea 한국


What the hell have I been up to?

Good question. Not  so great an answer awaits you.

I have a lot to catch up on and now it is almost time for bed so I figure during my desk -warming time I will update my blog. My laptop isn’t reading my pics which is pissing me off and that is also delaying me from posting.

One reflective point I felt is necessary to say: I am thankful for my co-teacher.

Others ask me, “Why doesn’t your co-teacher go with you?” or ” Why isn’t she helping you?” If I were illiterate in Korean or I did not know how to speak the language a little I might be upset. Yet, at the same time knowing myself I would have sucked it up and figured it out myself. Having another person help you out is wonderful, especially if you do not know the language. But after having gone to the bank the other day to open up an account by myself I am really thankful. Thankful for my co-teacher giving me the opportunity to go alone and use my knowledge to do a much more difficult task on my own. I do not know banking terminology at all. I walked in and said I wanted to open a bank account. The words is “계좌” I said, “좌계” and realized my mistake when the lady stared at me. As I realized I switched the word because I was a little nervous I fixed it and she understood me. I wrote  and drew pictures of what I wanted to do with my money. I declined a credit card, which I am thankful I did. I recognized the word for credit card in Korean but I wasn’t 100% sure I was right so I just said I don’t know and ended up with just an ATM card. I am fine with that. The whole experience taught me that no matter how broken my Korean is and how short my sentences are I can manage to do basic tasks on my own. Patience and persistence are key.

That being said, my co-teacher is coming with me to get a cell phone after payday. I asked if she would come as I do not want to get a bad price or plan. She agreed and I told her I would buy her a treat. Independence in a foreign country is a very refreshing feeling. Even if it is the smallest of victories.

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