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Kimchi Dongdaemun Guesthouse

Since I am arriving 5 days before orientation I needed to find a place to stay for the duration. Luckily a fellow EPIK person recommended Hong Guesthouse, now known as Kimchi Guesthouse to me. As I was in charge of booking a 4 person bed private room. The rate is 80,000 Won or roughly ($73) a night divided by 4, not so bad!

I have emailed Kimchi Guesthouse on numerous occasions and the whole staff as been wonderful about answering my numerous questions, as well as, changing the details of the stay via email. I would like to thank the staff members:  Robin, Sam, and Ted.

Some people may be wondering…”Who are you rooming with?” Well to break it down two of the girls I am meeting for the first time in person when my flight lands in San Francisco. We are all on the Singapore Air flight to Incheon International Airport.  Our other roommate will be joining us the next day from the UK.  Thanks to facebook meeting strangers is faster, easier, and you can recognize their faces almost instantly in person. Kind of stalker-ish…but it works out great!

I’m excited to meet the ladies and to be rooming with them at Kimchi Guesthouse. We are staying at the Dongdaemun location. After having such great customer service just via email correspondence with the staff at Kimchi Guesthouse I am really looking forward to staying there in two weeks!  So if you are interested in where I am staying and you may need a hostel at some point in Seoul check them out!

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