Confessions of a Lazy Language Learner

I always start out so excited and ambitious with languages and then well…I fall off that high horse real quick. I love learning languages, but I’m lazy. Sometimes I make a lot of progress only to backtrack, because I haven’t opened up a book in a month or two. Which is not how one becomes better at language it actually  makes the process that much slower and aggravating.  Read More

Studying the Tibetan Alphabet


Manual of Standard Tibetan. Colloquial Tibetan.  현대 티벳어.

In my spare time I’ve been trying to teach myself the Tibetan alphabet. I haven’t really gotten that far. I’ve managed to basically remember between 8-12 of the 3o consonants and I remember the 4 vowels. I haven’t made it through the rest of the alphabet though. Some of it is for pronunciation reasons. I feel like I’m close on the pronunciation and at other times  I feel like I have no clue if I’m pronouncing it right. Read More


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