Mocha Diaries : Growing Pains

My relationship has been going through some ‘growing pains’. The relationship itself is not easy because this is the first time we have lived together for this long, ontop of being with his family.

My Tibetan is improving, but it is improving slowly and so we have some misunderstandings and frustrations with each other. Sometimes it is a cultural misunderstanding and other times it is born out of an eye roll and mumbling under my breath.

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A favor, an opinion for those fighting to overturn Prop 8 and DOMA

A friend of mine on facebook, who is also an English teacher in South Korea, was asking for any info or thoughts about same-sex marriage. She is teaching at a high school and wanted to compare views.  I said I would write something up if she would like, and I sent it to her. She said I should publish it, though I have nowhere to publish it but on my blog. And what I wrote may not be 100% correct, please advise me on that. ( You know who you are.) So I wrote from my memory, what I remember seeing and hearing, and putting the pieces together. Read More


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