Mocha Diaries: The Solo Christmas

This year I had a lot of apprehension about what to do for Christmas. I’m told I must spend it with others and not alone. I entertained the idea and then thought to myself will me hanging out with others make this a more joyous day?

The resounding answer in my head was a ‘No.’ Now that I have lived overseas through 4 Christmases I’ve come to notice a few things. Every family eats different food, which means in 4 years unless I make a pie thats the only food that resembles Christmas that shows up on my plate. I deal with it and say it is what it is. Christmas isn’t about the food its about the company.  Read More

Christmas Party at Aemin Orphanage




I have a good friend I have met here that volunteers a lot and I was always inspired by him. One day I happened to notice that he was going to volunteer on an event on facebook and I thought to myself, why don’t I sign up as well. I was a bit apprehensive about volunteering by myself in a foreign country at first but this experience at the Aemin Orphange made me feel more comfortable with it.

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Walking in a Christmas Cookie land~


It is Christmas cookie season!!!! I love making Christmas cookies! I think they are a wonderful thing to eat and they go straight to your hips. But they are worth it! I will be the first to admit this was a huge undertaking here in South Korea. At first, I thought I would bake the cookies alone and then I decided to make them with a friend. Now transportation took two trips because moving everything from one place to the other was a bitch. But that’s okay it all got done.

I was super lucky in the fact my uncle sent me some cookie cutters, vanilla extract and cookie frosting from home. (Thank you Uncle John!) This gave me a good start and I scoured easy recipes online for simple cookies. Why do people make 20 ingredient cookies? Are you fucking nuts??? Let me tell you when you start to see shit like shortening, cream cheese, 20 thousand spices etc…in your cookie recipe you say, ‘fuck that.’ So I found some simple recipes with ingredients I could use through all recipes and replicate easily. Iherb is amazing for spices! And you can get powdered sugar (organic only) but hey it works! And the shipping to South Korea is not that bad.  Sugar and Flour is not too expensive here in Korea.

but Butter….motherfucking butter…wants to give me a heart attack. There are no substitutions when baking christmas cookies. You cannot use margarine! No no no . So butter it is…butter that is about $6 a pack. And so I spent roughly $40 on butter because believe it or not many small grocery stores don’t sell butter so you must have enough so you don’t run out. Isn’t that amazing?


(Our lovely baking supplies)

Anyhoo, originally I was ambitious and wanted to make cookies for all of my students. I then realized that would make me kind of loopy to churn out that many cookies and it would break the bank. So I settled on the alternative of baking cookies for my three schools staff. But there were extras that I was able to give out as well. All in all after 6 hours of baking I was exhausted but I had all of my cookies made. So we had sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, walnut snowballs, thumbprint cookies, snickerdoodles, and peppermint chocolate cookies. A bit ambitious but it was a nice selection.




It was nice to hear the teachers exclaim that they were too pretty to eat. The only thing I could think of was, eat them. Cookies are for eating.

And I have polished off my own Christmas cookies. There is a reason you never bring too many home. They will always disappear to your ass and your thighs.



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