High School Speech Contest

I was approached to see if I was willing to help a local high school prepare for an English Speech Contest.  I figured why not, I have the time and it would be fun to experience working with high school students.  The school is about a 40 minute commute from my current school and I go and help out between 6 – 9 p.m. The first day I went to this school I thought I was going to die from hiking up the hill. Apparently the students hate it as much as I do, because about five of them asked me what I thought about it.

Many middle schools and high schools no longer have a native English teacher in their schools, therefore I was asked to help. The funny thing was while I was waiting in the classroom before the start of class a few students would come in and then leave. In fact, they were so shy they wouldn’t really talk to me. But that’s okay a few of them have warmed up to me and ask me questions easily. One asked if he could I introduce my friends to him, but I said they would end up in jail, so no. High school is a completely different ball park and I definitely can see who it would be a fun and challenging experience.

So far I have finished 3 of the 8 days I have signed up for at the school. I have to say I’m gonna miss hanging out with the kids. I will write more about it as time goes by and the assigned time together draws to a finish.


So for now I will just show you a few pictures of the hill of doom. The students and I have agreed this hill truly sucks to climb.





The school has an amazing view once you get to the top .


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  1. Did you take these pictures as you were gasping for breath? Gorgeous view from the top. This sounds like an interesting change. Let us know how it turns out!

    1. Lol yes I did. It is very pretty. Should be interesting, the kids polished off the jolly ranchers I brough yesterday as a treat. I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Nina,
    Hells, bells..I’d need oxygen after the furst 20 steps ! For sure you will need to have been in shape to conquer that hill…Yes! The view is awesom, and the school looks lovely as well.
    Not to worry, Nina the kids will warm up to you, and when they see how great and smart a person you are.
    Stay well, stay safe, and as always, I send love and hugs ,
    love, Aunt Millie

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