Back to the Village! I’m Free~

I have been officially discharged from the hospital. The unofficial explanation was snake  bite and so that’s what we are going to say it was. The ordeal took 8 days at the hospital to clear up, however, I am finally at home. The good news is I can put weight on my foot and travel the distance around my apartment, yet it still needs to be iced and receive rest. Like my ice pack from home?

I noticed its not totally healed as I tried to put a sock on and it left a sock ring on my ankle after 15 minutes of wearing it, haha.

It is good to be home. Though the hospital wasn’t bad it was boring and my back hurt everyday because I couldn’t sleep comfortably. I will miss the kindness of the staff and all the grannies I shared rooms with, they were very kind and gave me lots of food.

But the part that surprised me when I checked out was the price. I thought I would be spending a good chunk of change as I had spent some money at the other two emergency rooms. Well, I now know that when you choose to go to a hospital if you have government insurance go to the cheap hospital. I was like, “Fuck yeah!!!” inside when I saw the price, I maintained my composure in public.

The final price tag was 182,910 won.  To everyone back home roughly $163.

That includes 7 days in the hospital, emergency room entrance, blood work, lots of shots, ivs, medicine 3x a day, and meals 3x a day. I would like to thank the government insurance as well. Let me tell you if I have to ever go to a hospital again, it will be a cheap one.

The doctor said I was free to go if I liked as my red and white blood cell count were back to normal. I forgot to get a copy of my blood work, but I will when I go back next week.  I have a check up appointment in a week to see how I am doing.

The only thing that I find wasteful and yet at the same time understand its convenience to others is how they prescribe medicine. Each package is labeled as to when you take it, morning, noon, night, (before breakfast, after breakfast, etc.) So you can’t really fuck up your dosage.

Glad to be home!

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  1. Hi, well, we are so glad you are back home…
    What a relief to know you don’t owe an arm and a leg for all they did for you…The last time Marie was hospitalized, only 3 days mind you, Nina it was 24, 634.00 thousand dollars, so be blessed..the nannys and hospital staff sure seemed A-1..the ice bag is the latest in fashion, I would say..hell you may even start a trend. ? Ha-ha.
    Keep on the road to recovery, and before long, you’ll be back to your old self..I see no fuc- ups in your furture, you’re too smart..Have a good one, we’ll see ya and good Karma always being sent your way..
    Love, Aunt Millie & Marie

  2. Good news Nina! Take care of yourself while at home. Ask people for help grocery shopping and rides to school. Don’t go nuts trying to walk on that leg – even with crutches. And find that snake! Trust me one less in this world won’t make a difference. Throw out the flip flops and invest in some high boots!



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