My First Teacher's Day

Back home we have Teacher Appreciation week and if you were to ask me when it was, I would stare at you and say, “Let me google that.” I don’t know the answer to the question and I still do not know. However, thinking back on it many people rarely mentioned it or did things for their teachers.

Korea is different. All of my students know when Teacher’s Day is, they even know a song to sing to their teachers. I received a letter with a gift from one Elementary student the day before Teacher’s Day. I thought it was cute and even though my name was spelt wrong and there is one sentence I do not understand it was appreciated.

IMG_20130514_145423 (letter from my student.)

On Wednesday, it was Teacher’s Day. All of us dressed up and had an assembly in the gymnasium and my co-teacher and I read the Teacher’s Oath in English and Korean. We received special corsages from the students and they sang to us. It is pretty sweet that all the students sang even the ones who never listen in your class.


After the formalities and handing out awards to students, we headed to the Teacher’s office and we were given gifts of food, cake, rice cakes, and fruit by parents and fellow teachers. It was really sweet and it was nice to know everyone could share in this. After we headed back outside for a Teachers vs. Students soccer game.

IMG_20130515_101545 (Food and cake from students’ parents.)

The numbers weren’t even so a few students switched teams from time to time as the teachers’ team had no replacement players. I was hit in the face with the soccer ball about 4 minutes into the game and continued to play. I think I earned some points for that. Luckily after it was over the teachers’ won. I pulled a muscle as well and went on to eat a yummy lunch for the day.

My first experience with Teacher’s Day was great. I could be greedy and wish that more students had written me letters or given me gifts. But I think the smile on their faces is a great reward especially when they are happy their were no classes for the day.

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  1. Hi.What a wonderful tradition..The class showed how much you are appreciated and the food looks nice..Here in the States,I can’t ever remember anything that closely resembles that.(although at 72, I may be slipping’..ha-ha-)And by the way, are your legs still aching from the hike?Now, didn’t you think that your body took a big enough hit from the climb?Then you played soccer? NOW, that’s a sigh of a determined individual.
    Love, Aunt Millie & Marie

    1. Lol actually I play soccer first and then went hiking! I was sore for 4 days after the hike. I think it is a great tradition myself. It really makes you feel special. One of the other teachers cried because her homeroom class gave her a surprise.

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