TCM Check-up 3

My last two weeks have not been the greatest in my opinion. I got a care package from home that I devoured in days, which also triggered my sweet tooth. So for a few days I tended to eat more crap than I should have, because I was craving the taste of it. I also missed taking tea for two days and I spilled one packet down the sink drain while I was rinsing herbs. I’ve learned that making the tea at night is easier than in the morning.I went into my appointment thinking my progress had been disappointing as I didn’t really change my eating habits. I know I would have had better results if I did, but laziness and an unwillingness to cut wheat for 2 weeks because of my own selfish ways. Instead I decided to focus on my bowel movements and trying to journal how I felt after I ate. I was lazy with this and just decided to create an emoticon diary.

I went into the appointment and Adam told me I am basically going to be at a crossroads soon where I will just say it was what it is and stop or I will want to try harder and see more results. He told me based on what he has seen my body and current diet will cause me issues down the road, so it is better to work on them now. He made a lot of valid points during the appointment and said I really need to be conscious of what I am eating and actively try to find better solutions that work for me and my lifestyle. As they have to be changes that I can work with and adjust to while still enjoying the things I love in moderation. He joked and said his job is to give me a sharp kick in the ass so that I know what I need to do. He gave me some suggestions and I have decided to view them as homework:

l. Empower myself

2. Practice conscious eating

3. Eat well most of the time, Bad intermittently

4. Create my own eating strategies and substitutions

5. Get some exercise

The results of this check up were better than I thought. He told me my pulse has changed since last time which is a good thing. Also my daily bowel movement means that my digestion is slowly strengthening and is a very good sign I am on the right path. My tongue still needs work and is a reflection of my diet. So my tea blend now has malted barley to improve my tongue health and there is also Shan Yao, Chinese Yam, to help strengthen my kidneys.

At first, I didn’t mention this during the 6 weeks because I never thought it was important. He asked how I slept and I said, I am sleeping better but I still get up between 2-4 times a night to pee. I normally don’t pee much in the morning and pee a lot more in the afternoon and night. Adam said that isn’t normal and if I am getting up to pee at night often it means my kidneys are weak. He said the kidneys get weak from cold drinks and they can cause frequent urination (in my case more common in the afternoon/night) and lower back pain.

So I’ve learned no matter how small a detail seems it can be very important to my overall holistic health. The more I know, the more I can empower myself and my health. So I’m not sure how my new tea blend will taste, but I know I should be buying dark chocolate to satisfy those chocolate cravings. I don’t have to come back in two weeks, as I can just get a friend to pick up my herbs for me, or I can transition onto powder if I have a lot of improvement.

I keep thinking to myself I’d like to continue as it is nice to have regular bowel movements, and I do want to experience the other health benefits. Therefore, I think May will need to be the month where I take a more active role in my health and make changes so that I can truly see all of the benefits, as well as, focus on my other health goals

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