India 2004 Part 2


View from the roof of our hostel.

I woke up when I heard the monks cleaning outside of our room. I threw off my blankets and sleeping bag because I was so hot. My neck hurt really bad because of the way I slept on it. Oh well. Tenzin’s mom called at about 6:30 a.m. and we woke up to a monk pounding on the door. After she got off the phone with her we went and looked outside. You can see the Himalayas, it is so beautiful and it is a nice fresh smell in the air.

I think this was the library.

Today we headed off to the Department of International Affairs (I think) the man there told us to come back tomorrow, so we can fill out some forms and to bring our passport, that way we can get a press pass. Which will enable us to videotape everything we see. We also went to the Tibetan library/ museum where we saw a 3D mandala made out of wood which was really awesome. There were wall scrolls with pictures of deities dating back to the 16th century. And they were still in really good shape. There was also this thing I’m not sure what it was, but it was made only out of string, and had a pillar of wood running up it to hold it up. There were sculptures of deities as well. We also saw all of the manuscripts. Ghayla said he had read all of them, and memorized them. That is awesome!!! I have trouble memorizing vocab, so I could never do it. After that we went to a _________ where there were many wall scrolls of deities hanging up, with mats and drums on the floor. It was really cool looking.

While we were out walking around this little boy kept following us around asking us to buy something and this was after Tenzin bought him food. It was some sort of thing ( I really don’t know how to describe it.) But it was good, but too spicy for me. Tenzin and I were out of breath way before her uncle or Ghayla was. It was scary because we are younger so we should be in better shape, but we aren’t. I guess that proves that Americans are lazy and out of shape, but I bet we will be in better shape when we return. Ha, ha. Anyway when we were done we came back, had lunch and then went out shopping. There are a lot of stores and I bought a few gifts for people. The streets are busy and full of people, it makes you feel alive in a way you normally wouldn’t feel back home.

Making butter sculptures

When we were at the Inn this morning we were able to see one of the
Ghayla’s making a butter sculpture. It was very cool. They put it together in water. The room was full of them. Tenzin and I said we are going to try and make one ourselves. Haha, I don’t think they will be as intricate as the ones the monks make. We also stopped, and Tenzin played frisbee for a couple minutes with a bunch of little kids, it was cute to watch and film!! Anyway today I called my mom and told her about arriving in the airport, how the weather is, how beautiful it is here. And how much fun I am having fun. I told her I loved her and would call her later. Truth be told I am not homesick at all, which is awesome. That means I can travel nonstop. Well Tenzin is trying to decide on a design for our butter sculpture. That is what these drawings to the side are for. Anyway I will write more when I have something else to write about.


I should say the food we ate was called laping and it was so delicious! I have had it a few times since this trip and there is a place that serves it in NYC, if you ever feel like trying it!

Thanks internet search for the image.

I had the drawing sketch in my journal, but I forgot to take a photo of it to upload here. All I can say is that it was fun to watch how the butter sculptures were made and the intricate detail work they entailed.

I said I wasn’t homesick and that is one thing that hasn’t really changed in all these years of living overseas. I love my family and friends, but I know I can always see them when I return. I really enjoy being in new places and trying new food, learning about a new culture and just going about daily life, because even though it is half way across the world at some point it becomes a routine just like the one I had at home. I always believe home is where the heart is, and if I think of it like that, then I can be home anywhere I am standing as long as I am happy.

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  1. Could not have said that better, Nina ! 👍 I believe that as long as you ( or one) is comfortable with where they are, and ones mind is at peace, then that certainly is “home”..😘
    I think it takes a lot of understanding and searching of ones own self to figure out the place the feet need to be planted. ,😜
    Follow your dreams , Nina, and go wherever you’d like and explore what ever you want, and never stop , as life is so beautiful as the world is too, so….follow your dreams, and remember the saying, If I don’t have a dream, how could I live It ? 🤔
    Yes I can, and Yes I will …🤗

    Love ya, Aunt Millie 🐾🌈

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