Colorado Reunion

Rocky Mountain National Park

At the end of May a few friends and I flee from Connecticut to Denver, where we met up with two other friends flying in from Boston. It was a friend reunion of 5 years! I’m sure everyone else has seen each other during the 4 years I was gone, but I haven’t seen some of these individuals in about 5 years, so it was really exciting.

The best part about having friends that can meet up once in a blue moon and have it feel like the old days while we were at college is really something. The ease in which we can tease each other and engage in heated debates about various topics, without being offended. To just being silly, drinking, eating, and exploring the local area together.

Cooling off before lunch.

For me there is always slight apprehension while meeting people I haven’t seen in a long time. Will it be the same? Will the dynamic have changed from the last time we met? Our vacation was a lot of fun hanging out as a large group of 8 people ( 2 live in Boulder) and feeling like we were having a giant sleepover all week. I missed the feeling and that safe environment where we are all at different places, but very little of it comes to the table when we meet. I like friends who can engage and have conversation without it being all about them, to me the mood we are in with the people we hang out with is a direct indicator of how healthy a relationship is for us.

I love these people!

The first two days were spent exploring the local fair and drinking delicious passionfruit sangria, followed by a hike into the Rocky Mountains, and then a bike ride the following day. The Rocky Mountains were stunning and they reminded me of the mountains in Tibet, although not as tall. We spent the day hiking and I was surprised at the snow on the ground. Not one of us dressed accordingly, and towards the middle of the hike up I fell through the ice and soaked both shoes. Needless to say, I sat out the next 20 mins of the hike to let everything dry a little. Nevertheless, I definitely have memories of falling in, sliding down icy paths on my ass, and eating watermelon that was cracked open on a rock.

During our bike ride.

The following day we decided it’d be a great idea to rent bikes and ride around the bike path in Boulder with a picnic at the end. The beginning was really enjoyable , chatting with friends and taking in the scenery. And then, my ass began to hurt. I felt like my tailbone was bruised and I wanted the bike ride to end. Why are bike seats so fucking uncomfortable?! However, the picnic we had for lunch was delicious! My friend’s guy is a fantastic cook!

After all that exercise we really were looking forward to a nice relaxing day. So we drove 2 hours a way to Sulphur Hot Springs and spent about 3 hours soaking in the different geothermal pools of water. Relaxing, healing, and great bonding time.

Rocky Mountain National Park.

We really planned the trip haphazardly, but well. Everything strenuous was done up front and then while the weather was shitty we were relaxing. On the last two days , a bunch of us got tattoos by one of our friends. He does amazing work and I was so thankful to have him do my latest two tattoos. I’m still really in love with them!

Hanging out with the crew.

All in all, I’m so glad I decided to join the trip even though I wasn’t sure it was a great financial decision for me. Turns out despite not being in the best place financially the memories I created with some of my closest friends is worth so much more, and I’m so thankful I took the plunge and said yes to joining. I can’t wait until the next time we decide to meet up again and hang out for a week!

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