Mocha Diaries: Thanks ‘Rents

The family salute.

Happy Global Day of Parents!  According to the UN, June 1st, is to celebrate all you lovely parents out there! And in honor of my lovely parents I thought I’d write something a little special. Mother’s Day was a busy family mess with shitty weather, and I won’t be around for Father’s Day, so it needs to be said.

My mom surprised me by coming to Korea!

We’ll start with my mother, Hi Marybeth! I never call her that, it’s normally a form of Mom, Ma, Momma, Mommy! I have a lot to say about my Mom, she has been my rock through all of my ups and downs. Living back together is a bit difficult at times and we can be snippy to each other, sorry Ma! But, I really want to thank you for always believing in me and trusting that everything is going to work out well in life for me. For a long time you were the glue that held the family together and you still are. I’ve inherited a lot of great traits from you like being stubborn, bluntly honest, a hard worker, a love of the beach and the outdoors. I did not inherit your cooking skills, thankfully! I look at you and the life you’ve lived and at times I can’t believe how polar opposites our lives have turned out. I wonder if I could have lived through what you have, or if I will experience some of the joys you have found in life such as a wonderful husband, lively kids, and adorable grandkids. The world may never know, but I think thanks to your belief that I’ll get all that and more, it will probably come true. So thanks for being who you are Ma, I wish I can be half the woman you are!

Pops and I like to take silly photos together, especially on vacation in Hawaii.

Hi Bruce, Pops! My Momma’s other half. Man, we go way back to like when I was 9? Something like that, but you weren’t my Pops then! Thank you for coming into my mother’s life, loving her and us like your own children, and taking care of her so I don’t need to worry about her if I fly the coup again. I’ve had a lot of fathers in my life as you know and you are the first to truly value what I have to say, despite our differences in views at times. Thank you for believing in me and all that I do. Thanks for knowing my direction in life even when I’m not so sure myself! I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and loving father, so thank you Pops, I love you for that! I don’t know if I’ll ever call you dad, but just know you are dad in my heart no matter what else comes flying out of my mouth. I hope that my partner in life is just as wonderful and caring as you are with their family!

A decent photo we took in Hawaii.

Well, its Global Day of Parents and to me that means I need to celebrate you two! Unfortunately, I’m a bit broke as I just moved back home, as you know. Instead I wanted to tell you thank you. It isn’t easy I’m sure to have me and my sisters living with you both as grown adults, I never really expected to be at home this long. Though being unemployed it’ll make it a bit longer, so sorry about the overstaying my welcome. Just kidding, I know you don’t care!

Selfies with Mom in Hawaii.

Which to me is so awesome! I have been blessed with parents that think that it is okay to help your children out even when they are adults and are still fumbling through life. I can’t thank you enough for offering me a place to stay until I can get on my feet again, for housing my shit in your house while I move all over the place, for feeding me when I can’t contribute much to the bills. The thing is if it weren’t for the two of you and your unending kindness I wouldn’t have been able to come home , relax and see family and friends, and pay off all of my student loan and credit card debt. Instead I’d have been struggling somewhere to make ends meet looking for a job. Which I need to do eventually, probably at the end of June most likely.

Thanks for loving my odd self!


Thank you for letting me steal your camping equipment to drive cross-country with my sister on a bonding road trip. It will be an amazing experience for us, I will probably have zero dollars to my name when we return, but that is okay. I know this whole thing wouldn’t be possible without the two of you behind me supporting all these crazy decisions I’m making at 31. I’m very far behind my peers when it comes to life trajectory , for better or worse, it has made me a more interesting and unpredictable person. So thank you for supporting me in all my endeavors and for loving and feeding my two cats while I am gone. Thanks for letting them move into your house as well, meow.

Many people might not appreciate their parents as much as I do, or maybe they didn’t get as lucky with their parents. But for me I have to say thank you for loving me and supporting my dreams. Even if they make you sad, frustrated, or exasperated at times, I appreciate it. Because if it wasn’t for the two of you I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all of the things I have so far in life. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks Ma and Pops. I love you both!

Look at that holiday glow!

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  1. You’re going to make me cry. I love you and you are welcome. You are always welcome at the house… as you know… we love you

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