Hello 2015!

Well, well it has been awhile. I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I have just been rather busy the last few months. I have a lot to write about for family and friends back home. But it will probably be a mass posting of blog entries.


I’ve been eating a lot of food. I love food, and I will spare you the spam. But maybe in the future there will be a post dedicated to food.


I have been crafting with my students. Isn’t my Christmas mouse super cute?


I’ve been napping and taking care of my two cats. Even with their cones of shame they still love to snuggle.


I’ve been spending a lot of time at cafes studying and preparing for classes. Look how lucky my coffee is!


And I also had to say goodbye to a coworker and my 6th graders!

There is a whole shit load of stuff I have been doing, but everything will get posted soon, I promise! Hope everyone out there is doing well. Spring is finally here!

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