Adventure to Daejeon at Dawn!!


This trip began with a sleepover at Kerri’s house. We were all waiting for Kristen to arrive and she came over at about 1 a.m.

“I’m not tired.”

“Try and sleep. I have to drive in 3 hours.” I whispered back.

Next thing I know, Kerri has sent 19 text messages to me saying the same thing.  We decided, “Fuck it! Let’s leave now!”

We packed some blankets and pillows for the ride. I had offered to drive, since I miss driving, and Heegyu hates it.  We drove through the night and there was no one on the road. We arrived at Nonsan(논산), where his father is buried at about 4:30 in the morning.  Not even the sun was up.

Countryside. Fresh air. How I have been missing this.


It’s a bonding moment when three friends need to pop a squat behind bushes, before trying to get some shut eye. We tried sleeping in the car in the freezing cold. It was awkward and uncomfortable.  Around 7 we all stumbled out of the car and decided to let Heegyu visit his father’s grave while we went off on the side and explored. After that we got back in the car and drove the 45 minutes to Daejeon (대전). Because it was the Lunar New Year (설날)  a lot of places were closed. We were all tired and needed some rest, so I thought going to a public bath (찜질방) would be a great idea.

It was Kristen’s first time and she was super excited even with her broken wrist. It’s quite a bonding experience to shower in the nude and scrub your friends’ backs. We went around and tried out the hot tubs of various temperatures and then headed back to the changing room to put on the lounging clothes we were given.  We all laid in the main area at first, but I ditched everyone and found little stone caves to sleep in that were much quieter. I managed to get an hour of sleep in this, and the others wondered where I had gone. I told them about my sleep and they asked why I didn’t invite them. “You all were sleeping when I got up.” That was about the only thing I could think of at the time.


Later we grabbed a bite to eat and checked into a love hotel. Kristen and I shared a room and marveled at how only half of the rooms heating worked.  We then met up with our good friend, Ane. She took us to this samgyupsal restaurant by her that serves this boiled egg thing that Kerri likes. It was a lot of fun drinking and talking to each other. It had been a few months since we saw each other and catching up was really nice.  We met up with Heegyu’s friend for round two, we drank a lot and had a great time. It was nice spending time with everyone and getting the chance to say goodbye to Ane. I will miss her quite a bit, but I know she is moving on to fabulous things back home in London. She has a youtube channel and you should definitely check her stuff out!


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