Grammar Meltdown

We all have moments in life where we fall apart. Not huge moments, but little ones like we had as a child. The fleeting meltdowns of our early years. Well, yesterday happened to be a meltdown day.

Why? Grammar. It`s one thing to be frustrated in your own language, but when learning a new one the frustrations increase. Sometimes there are no meltdowns until you hit the glass door. Last night, in class we were building sentences based on words given to us by the book. It was just my teacher and I,  and the conversation was like this:

Make a sentence. ” 문장 만들어요.”

The grammar example in the book.
The grammar example in the book.

I say the sentence.

승우 씨는 영화공부하기…유학가고싶어서…부모님이 반대해서… 고민이에요.

He only writes the part of the sentence I got right. We did this 4-6 times for the 3 examples until the sentence close to perfect.

Class ended and I started to cry. My teacher asked if I was tired, and then surprised by my tears asked if I was crying. I explained its because I feel like an idiot, since I don`t know a lot of grammar. He joked and said I guess I can`t tease you. It`s not the teasing that is the problem. It`s how frustrated I was with myself for not being able to do it.

My notes on  how to write the correct sentences.
My notes on how to write the correct sentences.

Thinking this incident over today I realized that this was one of the first road blocks in recent memory since I started learning Korean. I think once I understand grammar more and am able to use it easily, I will have a breakthrough with the language. My teacher complimented me and said the grammar is for the language test, but even without the grammar I speak very well.

It was nice to be complimented after my mini meltdown. Tonight I have Korean class and hopefully there won’t be any meltdowns due to grammar!

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  1. I had my own meltdown this week as well… I understand! It’s very frustrating learning something new that is difficult to understand. You will get it!

  2. Nina,
    Please..Please don’t ever feel defeated. You are learning, and mistakes are expected..Hell, you had a meltdown with a foreign language. ? I have a hard time with ENGLISH at times..As far as melt downs go..I too, also had one .But, we take our heads out of the sand and brush ourselfs off, and go forward, as there is no taking the past’s gone..So, my dear niece, stay as posative and as ambitious as you are, as today the sun will shine on you with positive energy. Have a great day, and never forget we here love and miss you lots..
    love, Aunt Millie

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