High School English Contest

I never got around to writing about the rest of my time at the high school I was helping out.  When my time was over at the school, I was asked if perhaps if I could make it to the contest to watch the students. I said that I would try my best and find out. Luckily, for me, my vice-principal was very kind to me and he let me go to both days of the contest in the afternoon. When I showed up at the school, I was asked to be a judge. I wasn’t expecting this, but it was wonderful to see all the students and how hard they had worked to speak English at a competition in front of their peers. 

I felt really proud as a teacher and I felt a lot of love too. The kids were happy to see me and kept inquiring if I would be coming back at some point. I really enjoy teaching older kids and sometimes I forget that. I’m missing some pictures of me with the students during the first years day of the English Speech Contest. Hopefully, I can get my hands on those too.

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Nina teacher is known to make many different faces. Not all of them are flattering to say the least.

사진 167

2nd year students.

사진 277

1st year students.

IMG_0136 IMG_0132


The 2nd year student finalists and with the teachers and vice-principal.


Kids you did a great job and I had an amazing time working with all of you~!!! xoxo


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