Tibet Trip: Housing

Small town in Amdo we stopped in to join our tour guide’s friend’s family reunion party.

Before I went on my trip I knew that there was a difference between the types of houses that nomads lived in and the types of houses everyone else lived in. During the past couple decades the Chinese government has made it a mission to slowly move nomads out of their traditional homes and into Chinese style apartment buildings, which the nomads are not used to and it erodes their way of life. So one thing when I was traveling was trying to notice the difference between the buildings and what might be Chinese built and what might be a Tibetan built home. Read More

Tibet Trip : Scenery

My trip through Amdo and parts of Kham was absolutely breathtaking. From the first day we left Chengdu to head up into the Tibetan Plateau my breath was taken away. I haven’t seen blue skies like that in a very long time and it was so refreshing and relaxing to just see that piercing blue across the sky. The landscape varied a lot in some areas there were mountains and in others there were valleys and grasslands. Just looking out the window everyday was enjoyable watching the scenery pass by as we drove to our next destination.

Yaks wading through water.

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Travel Thailand – Koh Lanta

View from the pool of our hotel.

We spent a lot more time traveling to Koh Lanta via plane rides and taxi rides. I was super grateful that the hotel I had chosen was just as pretty as I thought it would be. The staff was superb, especially the woman who worked at the restaurant. The first day we didn’t do much other than grab a bite to eat.  Read More

Trip Across Korea Part 4


After dropping Kristen off at the bus terminal I headed north to Andong and decided to visit a traditional village (하회마을). I arrived about two hours  before the place was closing and so I strolled along  aimlessly looking at all the different houses.  I decided to buy some soju for the friend who lent me his car. Andong is known for its soju, so it was a nice gift.  That night I stayed in a jjimjilbang and decided to get up early to visit another traditional village in Andong, however it was closed when I got there. Realizing that I had nothing to do for three hours I decided I would just drive straight to Gangneung.

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Traveling Thailand – Chiang Mai


IMGP6339This post is way over due and I know it. I traveled with two friends to Thailand in August for 8 days and it was a great time! I never really went in with a set plan except to go with the flow.  Our first destination was Chiang Mai. We stayed at a vegetarian guesthouse that had wonderful accomodations and great staff. The food was awesome too. The first day we were all tired so we relaxed a bit, and then as we decided to explore the city we ran into a cooking class next to our place and decided to sign up for later that night. Read More

Trip Across Korea Part 3

Our hostel in Gyeongju.

On our way to Gyeongju we stopped at a rest area to grab some coffee. I approached the counter where two middle-aged women were working. The two women were arguing over who was going to help take my order. I ordered our drinks in Korean and the woman who was helping me turns and tells her co-worker, “See, I told you she spoke Korean.” The other woman comes forward and says, “I can help you then.” The fear of a foreigner walking up to the counter is something that amuses me. How will this person react? We continued on to Gyeongju.

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Trip Across Korea Part 2

Picture spot at the rest area.
Picture spot at the rest area.

After leaving Yeosu, we embarked on our two to three-hour journey towards Macheon Village (마천마을) to see the terraced rice fields. On our way we decided to stop at a rest area. What a beautiful place this was! The area was a lush green and the sky was really heavy with rain clouds! I haven’t seen a rest area like this before, so Kristen and I decided to walk around and enjoy the fresh air before we jumped back in the car to continue our journey to Macheon.

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Trip Across Korea Part 1


Thanks to Heegyu letting us borrow his car for a week, Kristen and I were able to embark on a trip across Korea. Our first stop was Jeonju Hanok Village (전주한옥마을). We picked a motel nearby and headed out about 9 the next morning.  When we arrived we were surprised by the number of people who were there.  Families and groups of students were everywhere.

Jeonju Hanok Village.

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