མཛོད་དགེ། Zoige Vacation Part 2

It’s time for my two-week update. For the most part my days have blurred together as I have no semblance of what day it is unless I see a post for Himalaya Toastmaster in Chengdu, which is every Saturday. I suppose this is a very good thing! Continue reading “མཛོད་དགེ། Zoige Vacation Part 2”

Volunteering in Ngawa Prefecture

Walking to class.

On my recent trip to Amdo, Tibet, I spent most of my time in Ngawa Prefecture, (Chinese: Aba) This trip was a bit different than the last time as I would be able to experience, Losar, Tibetan Lunar New Year, and I also would get the chance to teach English to Tibetan Students. Continue reading “Volunteering in Ngawa Prefecture”


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