Mocha Diaries: The People We Meet

I’ve long believed that the people we meet, we meet for a reason. I especially feel this more since I live in  a city at the moment. Why are we only friends with certain people? Why are we not crossing paths with all those who pass by us on a daily basis? Why doesn’t everyone in the world know everyone? Granted I think most of us couldn’t keep 7 billion names straight if we tried, but it is something to ponder.

I think that we let certain people into our lives for different reasons, whether consciously or subconsciously. We could get to know someone else better that we don’t know, but we choose not to, unless we are in a circumstance that really makes us introduce ourselves to others. So most of the time our acquaintances are created out of polite chit chat or one time interactions, that we may not remember. I like to think that the ones we let into our life serve a purpose or they possess that, “click.” Read More

Mocha Diaries: The Envy Monster

I’m not a person with super lofty dreams. I’m not a planner which when you want things doesn’t help them appear in your life. The last 6 years of my life have been more of a rough patch than I would like to admit. I’ve grown a lot as a person and I felt that it was important to finally give praise to myself for the world to know I’m also facing my demon: the envy monster. Read More

Bonds of the Future

As I age, I reflect on the things I want and wonder if at some point the way our capitalistic society works is working against us?  Recently, in my vicinity a lot of people are pregnant or giving birth to babies, it makes me question if I will ever have the chance myself. While it pains me it made me think about how society has changed and what affects it might have on us psychologically.  Read More

Mocha Diaries : Put Your Best Foot Forward

Welcome 2017! I’m not really sure what you will hold for me, but I want to start off well. Actually I could say the year started off shitty as I slept like shit waking up every thirty minutes to an hour. But that is to be expected when you come home late and your mind is still buzzing about. So to be fair I wanted to set the tone of the day to productivity. I didn’t want to lie in all day, although that sounds amazing. I felt for myself I needed to show that I can start off on a good foot. Read More

Mocha Diaries: Apprehension

2016 is slowly coming to an end and I look towards 2017 with a twinge of apprehension. Granted all years have their ups and downs, I suppose it is how you view each year as a whole that gives you an idea of how life is going. Some people have amazing years one after the other with big, happy life events. Some people have mediocre years with lots of ups and downs.  Read More

Mocha Diaries: The Solo Christmas

This year I had a lot of apprehension about what to do for Christmas. I’m told I must spend it with others and not alone. I entertained the idea and then thought to myself will me hanging out with others make this a more joyous day?

The resounding answer in my head was a ‘No.’ Now that I have lived overseas through 4 Christmases I’ve come to notice a few things. Every family eats different food, which means in 4 years unless I make a pie thats the only food that resembles Christmas that shows up on my plate. I deal with it and say it is what it is. Christmas isn’t about the food its about the company.  Read More

Mocha Diaries: The Intervention

About a month or so ago I had an “intervention” of sorts. I met a friend of a friend, who has now become my friend. And she intervened in my life, by talking to me about myself. In many ways it came out casually as talking about other things and then it came to the point of talking about what is going on with me and with my life.  The conversation made me very uncomfortable. Read More

Let's Address the P Word.

There is probably one word that divides us more than other words when it is mentioned. Not everyone likes to talk about it, wants to admit it, or maybe they don’t even think it exists. But to say it doesn’t exist and it can’t be talked about is like wiping your hands clean of something you know you can make a difference in. It’s knowing that if you thought really hard about it, it is a part of your daily life, whether you want to admit it or not. So let’s talk a little about that word. Read More

Mocha Diaries: Self-Care

The month of October brought with it the Mocha Diaries. It is now November and the Mocha Diaries are still going strong. I’ve written a bit about questions I have for myself and how I came to give those questions power in my life. They most definitely have influenced me, and yet, from analyzing those questions I have begun one of the most important processes of my life: practicing self-care. Read More


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