USA Road Trip: Part 2

Hanging out in Colorado.

We left Colorado on Tuesday afternoon and drove until we were about an hour away from the Four Corners Monument. We slept in the hotel for the night since we knew we’d be camping for the next few days without being able to use a shower. There are no showers at most primitive camping sites in case you were wondering. We woke up super early and flew into the Four Corners Monument right as it opened at 8 a.m. We walked around for a few minutes and headed back to the car.  Continue reading “USA Road Trip: Part 2”

Beginning Stages of Our USA Road Trip

In late April my youngest sister, Jackie, asked me if I would be interested in accompanying her on a road trip around the USA. I said sure, why not?! We had to push it back since I am going with friends to Colorado the week before to hang out and visit a good friend who lives out there that I haven’t seen in 5 years. Continue reading “Beginning Stages of Our USA Road Trip”


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