Tibet Trip: Hospitality

Throughout my trip one thing that stood out was the hospitality shown to me and my friend. Hospitality is one of those things that makes or breaks a person’s impression of a country or its people. Luckily, for me most of my Tibetan friends’ families back home have always been extremely warm, inviting, and more than happy to have you sit down for a cup of cha.

Stove heated with yak dung.

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Never-ending End of the Year Hweshik

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

Before 2014 ended all of the teachers at my school went to a hweshik((school dinner) out at Eulwangni Beach (을왕리해수욕장). I didn’t know until the day before that we were going, but I was happy to tag along. We were able to spend about 3 hours at the beach. As always I sat with the grade 3 teachers and they showed me all of the interesting and exciting foods I could try. As this was a seafood restaurant there were various types of seafood. I tried everything on the table, except the sea squirt. There is just something about this squishy orange thing that makes me not want to try it.

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The Last 회식 at 옥계중학교




My main school during last year was a small middle school in 옥계.  I really enjoyed the school a lot and I was very lucky to get a chance to fully experience the 회식 (Hweshik) also known as a work dinner. Many people do not enjoy these, but I really enjoyed them. Actually it was always really nice food I would never buy for myself and that deserves its own post. But today I am just going to talk about my last dinner at my main school.

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A low key vacation

So I didn’t really go anywhere exciting for summer vacation. As in I didn’t leave the country or end up on some island with nice beaches. Luckily for me, I didn’t book such a vacation, because my foot still doesn’t let me walk more than a few hours at a time without swelling a bit and then I need to rest and it goes back to its slightly swollen self the next morning.

A friend of mine went to Thailand with her parents and offered me to stay at her place in Incheon for free. I figured it was a good idea, because at least I would have a change of scenery.  The scenery change was nice some days I stayed home because I walked too much the day before, other days I went traveling solo.

I don’t mind traveling solo, however, I always felt out of place being solo in restaurants and coffee shops. Those who live in Korea, would understand this statement.  Most places are filled with couples or friends, not with single people sitting and eating a meal in a nice restaurant by themselves. Read More

Winter Garden BBQ Party!


My school wanted to have a garden bbq party.  My principal bought wine for the occasion and we were going to grill fish and eat cows hearts (쇠염통).


At first, I thought I had heard this wrong as it was in Korean. The more I thought about it the more I realized we were indeed going to be grilling cows hearts. So on Tuesday, we had our small garden bbq party behind the school and it was a lot of fun but I didn’t get to eat much. I have eaten both types of the fish that were served before but they had been grilled a lot more. I like the crunchy skin and cooked meat. 

The texture of the long thin fish 양미리 (Lance fish) was a bit mushy inside this time and I didn’t really like the taste of it not cooked all the way. imageimage

The big fish 도루묵  (Sandfish)I didn’t really get to eat. I don’t eat the eggs though. Everyone else can eat the eggs.


I did try the cow’s heart. It is chewy. very very chewy. And I’m not too sure that I am a fan of it. Though I did eat it. My principal was telling me that cow’s heart is extremely expensive. Not sure why that is but it certainly isn’t a delicacy I enjoy.image

The wine was made locally and we had 복분자 (raspberry wine) which was delicious. One of my favorite moments was the gym teacher saying Franzia was from France. I told my co-teacher it’s from America. It says right on the box, ‘California Red.’ I got a good laugh.image




The sweet potatoes we tossed in the fire and were absolutely delicious!


I stealthily took photos with my silent camera app. I like things more candid when documenting an event. Although I didn’t eat much at the party, I had my fair share of wine!


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