Shit List :31

Shit List :31

This is the face I will make if I don’t accomplish half of the shit. lol.

31 one things to cross off my shit to do list in 2017!

  1. Try skiing
  2.  Go snorkeling
  3. Try paragliding
  4. Go to Yellowstone National Park.
  5. Blog once a month
  6. Take a family photo together
  7. Learn to quilt from my mother
  8.  Have a basic conversation in Tibetan
  9. Learn basic sign language for my niece
  10. Try meditation (and stick with it)
  11. Try a yoga routine
  12. Minimize my shit at home
  13. Have the confidence to ask someone out ( TLDR: Answer Pending)
  14. To feel confident in a bathing suit
  15. Get a tattoo ( Getting one soon!) Got Two!
  16. Get my daith pierced again
  17. Read a book a month at least 4 books this year. (Quarterly reading to start)
  18. Payoff my debt
  19. Eat better with room for indulgence
  20. Create an exercise habit
  21. Go somewhere new
  22. Eat all the pie I want at Easter
  23.  Spend quality time with friends and family
  24.  Take more photos of family and friends
  25. Learn to pack better when I travel  (Getting better each time)
  26. Cook something delicious for my family
  27. Sleepover a friend’s house for old times sake
  28. Spend a weekend at Leete’s Island opening up the cottage
  29. Make some momos with Tenzin’s family
  30. Drink less coffee (1-2 cups a day)
  31.  Figure out where to and what to do next in life~! 

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