Finding Mocha

Finding Mocha is a journey I started back in the Autumn of 2015 as a way to heal myself and overcome my depression and anxiety. I wanted to write something catchy as a way for myself to feel like I was finding who I was again. The path to rediscovering myself has been filled with the exploration of my emotions and reaching an understanding that no emotion is bad. What I have needed all along is to acknowledge and give power to my emotions and realize that all feelings, negative or positive, are valid.

The Mocha Diaries are a series of posts that act as me, Finding Mocha, through each post. Mocha is what I would name my next dog, and is an image of a black and brown dog swirled together. The Mocha Diaries tackle my emotions, as well as questions that I continue to ask myself as I explore them and heal myself day by day. With each post I am getting closer to who I really am on the inside while healing my emotions as I put them to paper or text in this instance.

Ramblings is a different category to Finding Mocha. While the Mocha Diaries deals with my emotions and experiences, Ramblings is an expressive outlet to share my thoughts with others on various subjects.

Bear ( The other half of Mocha)
Puddin ( The other half of Mocha)

Finding Mocha is a huge part of my blog at this point and will continue to be so as I move forward in life. Exploring the world is one of my biggest passions and I realize in order to truly enjoy what is around me I first have to enjoy and explore the world inside myself!


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