English with the Boyz

Everybody that helped teach the 부평고 students at IFTC. What a great group of students and teachers!

I dare to say that last week was one  of the best weeks in Korea. It was also one of the most fun camps I have ever taught. Originally, I signed up not knowing what I was getting myself into teaching at an all boys high school camp. But, it turned out to be awesome!

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Winter camp with Jungmyung High School

Awesome group of kids at 정명고등학교!

This was my second camp with Jungmyung High School. I was a little worried about what type of camp I needed to do. The teacher in charge originally told me that it needed to be a writing and reading camp. So as usual, I over planned the entire camp. Continue reading “Winter camp with Jungmyung High School”


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