Cafe Blankis

Me at Blankis

This is my favorite coffee shop near my house that opened up almost about two years ago. It’s an independent coffee shop that has lots of drinks and delicious desserts. Originally the menu was much more expansive, but it has simplified a bit overtime. It is a nice cozy space with lots of outlets for customers to work or charge their phones while chatting over delicious coffee.

Doing some work while enjoying an americano and strawberry tiramisu.

One thing I originally liked was how the coffee shop opened at 7 A.M. this has now been pushed back to 8 A.M., which for an early bird like me is fine, but that 7 A.M. time was awesome. The coffee shop also occasionally boasts a  handicraft market once or twice a month from 5 to 10 p.m. You can find all sorts of candles, soaps, jewelry, and other handicrafts for sale in half of the shop while the other half you can sit and chat with friends.  I’ve bought some really nice smelling candles here!

My favorite strawberry tart! That is sadly a seasonal treat. ㅠㅠ

Blankis also puts on mini concerts on Thursdays a few times a month if you want to come out and enjoy live music.  The manager, 미래 (Future), is very friendly and has a wonderful smile!  You can follow the cafe on Instagram as well, where they post new desserts or drinks that they are rolling out!

My cinnamon latte complete with a cinnamon stick!

You can find Blankis by going out exit 11 at Bupyeong station, walk a little past the pharmacy and if you follow the loud music, you’ll see that Blankis is on your right. They are open Sunday to Thursday 8 to 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 8 – Midnight. Definitely stop by with your friends order a delicious coffee and try some of the desserts! You won’t be disappointed!

Yummy grapefruit tart.


PT – Round 2


Celebrating five days at the gym.

Towards the end of March I decided that I was going to get a personal trainer.  Six weeks have  passed by and its time to do a check in.  Anyone who knows me well knows  that I have seemed to make it my mission in life to avoid exercising. I hate it with every ounce of my being so every time I went to start a routine it was really hard to keep going.

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Mocha Tries Exercising

Before my last appointment with the brain doctor I found out that she would be moving on to a new job. Keeping that in mind I decided that I needed to assess my current situation. Where was Mocha? What does Mocha want to do?

With spring on the horizon it was time for Mocha to come out of slumber mode and get out and play. Its not always the most fun thing to do. Especially, when you are a bit roly poly from winter indulgences and are a newbie to the fitness game.  Mocha decided to make her reappearance at the gym. The only thing that will keep a dog happy? Lots of attention and well treats, which will keep her learning new behaviors.  Continue reading “Mocha Tries Exercising”

Revenge is Sweet.

Never believe that you can escape surprises even from overseas. I wasn’t looking forward to turning 30, but I figured it will be a day that passes like anything else. I told my friends I don’t want to do anything. I was told no matter what I must have a drink and I begrudgingly agreed to it.
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Hello, Brain Doctor.

My 1st meeting with the brain doctor I was a nervous wreck before I walked in thinking about all the things I might need to say. Where do I start? What do I say? What will she ask? What if I don’t have an answer? What if I cry? I don’t want to cry in front of a  stranger. To say the least I was an anxious stress ball.

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Hello 2015!

Well, well it has been awhile. I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I have just been rather busy the last few months. I have a lot to write about for family and friends back home. But it will probably be a mass posting of blog entries.


I’ve been eating a lot of food. I love food, and I will spare you the spam. But maybe in the future there will be a post dedicated to food. Continue reading “Hello 2015!”

Never-ending End of the Year Hweshik

A foggy day at Eulwangni Beach.

Before 2014 ended all of the teachers at my school went to a hweshik((school dinner) out at Eulwangni Beach (을왕리해수욕장). I didn’t know until the day before that we were going, but I was happy to tag along. We were able to spend about 3 hours at the beach. As always I sat with the grade 3 teachers and they showed me all of the interesting and exciting foods I could try. As this was a seafood restaurant there were various types of seafood. I tried everything on the table, except the sea squirt. There is just something about this squishy orange thing that makes me not want to try it.

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The Last 회식 at 옥계중학교




My main school during last year was a small middle school in 옥계.  I really enjoyed the school a lot and I was very lucky to get a chance to fully experience the 회식 (Hweshik) also known as a work dinner. Many people do not enjoy these, but I really enjoyed them. Actually it was always really nice food I would never buy for myself and that deserves its own post. But today I am just going to talk about my last dinner at my main school.

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Visa Escapades – Part 2

Visas are a complicated mess only if documents do not come to you quickly. Another bonus is working with recruiters that truly care about you and how you are doing through the whole process. My first recruiter is a friend now and called me up after I told her what had happened before, and she said I needed to change my visa status a.s.a.p. before starting my contract or I would not be able to start working. I couldn’t believe this, but she said if you work in a public school than you must be on an E-2 visa when you start working otherwise the contract is void and you will have to start the process all over again. I called my current recruiter at the time if he had heard of that and he hadn’t but he advised me to call immigration more than once in order to receive the correct answer.

So that’s what I did. I called immigration twice and they told me that yes, I had to be on an E-2 visa before my contract started. So I told me recruiter I would rush down to the immigration office the next day and change my visa status once again. I also had to apply for a new ARC card again as the status on the card would be changed.  So I was out another 120,000 won. I did learn a few valuable lessons, one I did not want to wait until the day my visa expired to go down to immigration. My contract arrived a few hours after I had gone down to immigration the first time to get a D-10 visa. It came one day before my visa expiration. Had it come earlier that day or a few days before, I never would have had to go on a D-10 visa. Go figure.

That being said, I knew I had to change my address again once my new school gave me address. So I made the trek to the immigration office alone fully thinking I would need to pay for a new ARC card, I went through the process two times at this point. However, the woman at the counter told me that I did not need a new ARC card, because I could just change the address on the back of my new ARC card. She even updated everything in the system for me and said I was all set and I could leave.

The immigration office website and what people know can be conflicting. It gets harder when you have time between contracts or when you are switching schools as well. But if you take the initiative to reach out and talk to others , as well as, the responsibility to call immigration yourself, things will get resolved. It might make you want to pull out your hair, but at least I have my new ARC card with an awesome picture.


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