The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Things I Will and Won't Miss About Korea


Volunteering at Mulmangcho.I miss my hair this color. (2014)

Getting ready to depart Korea has left me with a lot of emotions. I have spent the last 4 years of my life in this country, and for better or worse, I have grown a lot as a person. There are a lot of things that I will miss and not miss about Korea, but as I’m winding down I thought why not close out this year with writing about those things. Read More

Let's Address the P Word.

There is probably one word that divides us more than other words when it is mentioned. Not everyone likes to talk about it, wants to admit it, or maybe they don’t even think it exists. But to say it doesn’t exist and it can’t be talked about is like wiping your hands clean of something you know you can make a difference in. It’s knowing that if you thought really hard about it, it is a part of your daily life, whether you want to admit it or not. So let’s talk a little about that word. Read More

Language Use and Its Fucking Relationships

Before I even get started I already know my mother is going to say, “Watch your fuckin’ mouth your grandparents read this!” Yes, I know, thanks for the warning mom.

Today as I was leaving work I had this fantastical conversation in my head. Fucking marvelous! What was it? The correlation between language use and its fucking relationships. It was a pretty brilliant conversation and now I need to recall what I was thinking three hours ago, so shit let’s try and recall some of that. Read More

Beyond the Fence

I always wondered how we form our political beliefs. I realized for me it always stems from those closest to us or someone we have interacted with on a regular basis. The good old dream is to live in a house with a white picket fence. The fence is really symbolic of a lot of things if you dive into it. It draws a clear line of what is mine and what is everyone else’s. It alerts others by letting them know you are not welcome here. Read More

In Silence I Stand

Imagine a national anthem playing in the background and the majority doing their part standing and reciting that anthem by heart. Do you see someone deviating from the norm? If so what are they doing? Are they sitting? Kneeling? Standing in silence?  Did you imagine the last round of sports stars inspired by Colin Kaepernick? Did you imagine a person standing in silence? Did you judge them? Can you see their face? Who do you see? Read More

Tumble Tumble Tumblr

“꽈리! I ate this for the first time a few weeks ago! It`s tart and delicious!”


I had another social media site started just for pictures or posting on two platforms. However, I’m lazy and forgot I had the account for almost a year and a half. With that realization I decided I was going to use my tumblr account to post pictures from the day. Not many. just a few here and there, so people can get an idea of some daily things that I come across.  It’s more for a peak into my life.  Without further ado, you can check it out here, or  click on the RSS Feed in the right column.


Today is hump day! And it’s my mom’s birthday! So happy birthday, mama! I love you~! Hope you like me and my sixth graders singing to you~! 🙂

A year of reflection, A new year of change

Goodbye 2013~ Hello 2014!

I make new years resolutions every year. I never follow through with most of it. Then again, I think that stems from a place of motivation and a good mental state. 2013 was a year of change and time for reflection as well. I did a lot of stuff, even though it doesn’t seem like much now. Read More


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